6th Grade Reading

Welcome Parents and Students!

Hopefully you will find answers to common questions about expectations and on-going assignments in the reading classroom.

Dear Parents and Students,

I am so glad to have each and every student! I think both parents and students will have a great first year in middle school. Students are growing up, taking on new responsibilities, and taking ownership of their education. My hope is that students find new stories to enjoy and become more fluent and thoughtful readers.

Students are given a planner which to write all their homework assignments, due dates, and reminder notes in. These need to be initialed every night by the adult that is checking to help them make sure their homework has been completed. Students should show parents completed written homework along with their planner so it can be checked and verified as complete. This helps make sure that students, parents, and teachers are staying in touch about homework. If parents write a note in the assignment book, it is the student's responsibility to bring it to the teacher during planner time in class. The assignment books are checked in class. If the assignment book has not been initialed, student will have to move their name on the behavior chart. This is not a parent responsibility to remember to sign the assignment book, but a student responsibility. Since it is meant to be a daily home-school connection, please do not pre-sign the planner. The hope is to teach the student to be responsible.

Checking your child's grades on Parent Portal keeps you abreast of how your child is doing in his or her classes. Please be sure to visit the office for your child's parent portal password so you are able to access his or her grades. The six weeks report card doesn't have to be a surprise when we have this tool available.

Again, I am looking forward to having a productive year full of new adventures. Be sure to contact me with any concerns. My email is brucias@garrisonisd.com. I answer emails during my conference time.


Sara Brucia

Book Report Information:

After students have completed a book that is on their level, the student will need to fill out an AR SHEET. The AR SHEET will have questions about the author, level, how many points the books is worth, pages, and will have a section for a written summary.

THE DUE DATE: The due date is the date it is due. That means that the day before it is due will be the last day to take an AR test and work on the AR SHEET. On the due date, the student will come to school with the work finished or unfinished. No class time will be used on finishing work on the day it is due. The work should be completed by the due date. I strongly encourage all students to not wait until the due date to get the assignment completed. Also, please be aware that this is a project grade and the late work policy does not apply. If it is not turned in on the due date, the grade is a zero.

MAJOR MOTION PICTURES: Students cannot turn in a book for a grade that has been made into a major motion picture. For example, Harry Potter and Dork Diaries books cannot be used as book reports.

Parent Portal

Parent Portal is a great way for parents to stay aware of grades. Please visit the office to get individual information to sign-up for Parent Portal. Grades on report cards do not have to be a surprise to parents if this tool is being used at home. Alerts can be sent to emails and phones if grades or averages fall below the expectations set by the parents. If parents email me about a grade, I will answer the email during my conference period. Please be aware that I have meeting scheduled during my conference period and this is my planning period as well. If I do not respond directly, please be patient and I will respond as soon as possible.

Library Books

Students are expected to read books at home and at school. A book that a student is currently reading needs to be with the student at school and at home. Many classroom assignments require the student to use the book they are currently reading and find examples of what we are learning about. That means that every student must be actively reading a book. Actively reading means that they know the plot of their book, characters, and are able to discuss what is happening in their book. If a book is left at home, the student cannot participate and it will reflect in their grade. Students need to be familiar with the story in their current book, therefore just grabbing a random book off the shelf in the middle of a lesson is not appropriate and does not benefit the student's learning. Having a special place in a backpack, or purse, will help students consistently have their books.

Students get a choice in what they would like to read unless they have an assignment that requires them to check out specific books. Students will have assignments that require them to check out a book on specific subjects. That means that one book will be a leveled book and one book that will accompany a project he or she may be working on. They may check-out two books at a time at the library. One book needs to be on the student's specific reading level. Levels are assigned by the teacher. The leveled book will be the book that the student will do reports with. When students need to turn in a report, the student will need to use the book that is on their reading level.

Helping students learn how to choose books appropriate for them is important. Students need to actively participate in making good choices for themselves. For example, if a student reading on a sixth grade level is sent to choose a book in the library, and he or she comes back with a book that is leveled for a first grader, he or she has not only wasted the their time, but also the time of students that would like to go next to choose a book. Students need encouragement to make good choices.

Students will start books and decide that they "don't like the book". I understand this happens from time-to-time since I, too, start books and decide I do not like them. However, I encourage students to finish the book they have started. This prevents students from going back and forth to the library, rarely finishing anything they started, and not making progress with his/her skills in reading. Making students finish books they have picked will help them make better choices for themselves while in the library.

Since reading a book is an ongoing assignment, there is never "nothing to do". When a student is finished with his/her book, the student is expected to fill out an AR Sheet and take an AR test on the book they just finished. Reading is a nightly assignment. If a student did not write down reading his or her library book in their assignment book, that doesn't mean there is no assignment. Reading is ongoing and considered homework.

Quick Writes

Quick writes are daily topics to write about. Students should use their imagination and have fun with their topic. The quick write might be a description, the beginning or a story, or answering a question. If the quick write says BOOK SUMMARY, then each student will write (or type) a quick summary of what is going on in the book they are reading.There should be three to five sentences that are nearly written and on-topic. Quick writes should be quick. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to complete.

Whole Class Reading

Percy Jackson, Hatchet, Brian's Winter, and The Sisters Grimm are examples of books we read in class. Many classes have enjoyed these books and I am hopeful many more will enjoy them just as much. We use these books to discuss stories as a whole. Everyone in the room will all know they same story and can actively participate in lively discussions. We read a little bit everyday so it is important that students do not miss class. Please keep sick students at home, however please send the well ones to class so they do not miss our stories.

Classroom Rules:

  • Respect yourself and others.
  • Come to class prepared.
  • Strive for excellence.
  • Follow procedures.
  • Follow the school handbook.


To schedule a conference, call the front office at 936-347-7020. All three teachers attend parent conferences. Parent emails are forwarded to all three teachers and shared with the principal. We work as a team to help your child be as successful as possible.


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