Resource Design

Open Education Resources (OER)

GVSD Course Development HUB- Intro to Resource Design (2:05)

Student Centered Resource Design

In order to continue to innovate, lead, and personalize learning for all students, our District has developed a process to increase teacher collaboration, ownership and personalization of their instructional resources that will support our ongoing work towards becoming a model Future Ready School District.

This page will provide you, our teachers, with a collection of materials to help you with collecting, curating and creating Open Educational Resources that align with our established scope and sequence documents (UbD2.0 Acquisition Skills documents) and will maximize student engagement and success.

Please click through the drop down menu to access the different resources and processes that support our OER work.

Teacher Testimony:

Two of our teachers, Stephanie King and Brianna Riddell, discuss their Year 1 experience using our Grade 9 Non-western Cultures Course written with Open Education Resources.


This process and framework for OER was developed in partnership with Spider Learning, Inc.