Garfield 16 School District

Garfield School District 16 has created its own Outdoor Education Department to provide district-wide programs, expeditionary learning support, facilities, and community events that focus on agriculture, hunting, fishing, paddling, archery, camping, snow sports, and climbing.

Garfield County Outdoors Gear Needs

Outdoor Classroom

Bea Underwood Elementary

Garden beds, fire pits, and stage

Growing Dome

Grand Valley Middle School

Aquaponic tank, garden beds, runs on renewable energy

Nature Trail

Grand Valley Middle School

to be constructed spring 2019

Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers (RFOV)

RFOV provides monthly "Wilderness Explorer" sessions during gym class, teaching students about animal adaptation, leave no trace, and more.

Bea Underwood Elementary (spring 2019)

High School Internship

Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, RFOV, and Fat City Farmers provide a 10-week, paid internship on Mondays to GVHS students that focuses on environmental education, gardening/agriculture, and trail/land stewardship.

Offered: spring 2019, fall 2019, spring 2021


Outdoor Education Coordinator

Clint Whitley -

Clint coordinates all of Garfield 16's outdoor education and recreation programming.

Hub Coordinator

Meredith Burke -

Meredith is the main liaison between Garfield 16 SD, Re-2 SD, and all of the community partners working to bring more outdoor education and recreation to youth and families of western Garfield County.

Garfield 16 School District Administration Building

LW St. John Elementary School

Battlement Mesa, CO