The Award at GIS


The International Award is composed of 3 levels and Bronze is when it all begins. This first year is crucial to establish routines and good habits. Our students learn essential life skills such as how to pack a rucksack, pitch a tent, cook a balanced meal, work as a team, basic first aid, basic navigation skills and various campcraft techniques.

Students learn these skills from their respective Award Leaders during their weekly CCAs every Tuesday from 2.30 to 3.30pm. The first trip Bronze participants undertake is their practice expedition to FRIM, where we stay at Kem Perah for two days and one night. Over the weekend, our Gold students are in charge of a walking group each as part of the Expedition Leadership Award.

The second and final expedition for this level is in Kuala Kubu Bharu where we stay at Pierose Swiftwater Basecamp for three days and two nights. During this assessed trip, we combine a mix of skills: trekking, basic navigation and white water rafting.


At Silver level, our IA participants go to Gunung Ledang National Park for their practice adventurous journey. They spend four days and three nights climbing to the summit and camping at points along the route. This is a challenging climb and the trip includes a night walk to reach the main summit for sunrise and to enjoy the beautiful views of the valley.

This trip is designed to push the student's mental and physical fitness, as well as provide them with some new and exciting challenges. Students only have access to the natural jungle and the resources it provides for two nights. They must be purely self sufficient, carrying all of their equipment and thinking carefully about waste management and the maintenance of their kit.


Gold level is the pinnacle of the International Award at GIS and it is far more demanding than Bronze & Silver. It is suited for real outdoor enthusiasts who like a challenge and aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone.

The practice adventurous journey takes place over five days and four nights. It takes place in Hong Kong where our Gold participants get to see the road less travelled and trek along the scenic MacLehose Trail in the Sai Kung area.

The trip gives students an exciting opportunity to see a different perspective of the bustling city of Hong Kong. Most nights on this expedition are spent wild camping away from the crowds and students are totally self-sufficient for the whole duration of their trip.

The final Gold expedition is an epic eight day journey to Lombok in Indonesia. For the first part of the voyage, we climb Gunung Rinjani, an active volcano culminating at 3726 meters above sea level. This is a different environment from previous expeditions: it’s colder, steeper and higher in altitude. Students will get to experience a range of ecosystems on the trek and the trip culminates with some important reflection time on Gili Air.