Global Action

Goals of the GLOBAL ACTION initiative at GIS:

∙To develop a community of global citizens, committed to supporting a more sustainable and equitable world.

∙To develop an ethos of compassion and a commitment to action.

∙ To develop internationalism by raising awareness of local, national and international issues.

Take a look at the pages on our website to learn more about global action at gis:

See what Global Action events, projects and activities are happening by clicking on our Events page.

Gain awareness of important Social Justice and Environmental issues by celebrating our Awareness Days.

Join us on our journey of helping others by following our Community Service.

Keep up to date with our student Clubs.

Be inspired by the good things happening in the world on our Good News page.

Learn about what GIS is doing to earn the coveted UK Eco-schools Green Flag Award.

Be a part of the global action Community at home...please feel free to share your contributions!

Check out links and more information in Resources.

Let us know what you think!

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