After breakfast, we started of our third day with a heritage tour around Malacca Town. Our tour guide, Ms Choo brought us around the various historical sites which includes the Stadhuys, Christchurch, St. Paul's Hill, A'Famosa as well as Jonker Street. One of the things which we learnt today was the racial and religious harmony which exists in Malacca which is similar to Singapore.

After lunch, we proceeded to one of the main highlight of this trip which is the visit to the HOPE Children Centre for our VIA activity. At the centre, we divided ourselves into three groups: the games group, the art and craft group and the cleaning group. Through our various activities, we managed to interact and get to know the children there better. This was a new and meaningful experience for most of us. Although we were sad to leave the children, we were glad that they had an enjoyable time with us this afternoon.

We concluded the day with a Peranakan style dinner which concluded with a dance performance by the locals.


We went to Harmony Street to learn about the Chinese temple, Malay mosque and Hindu temple. I learnt that racial harmony is possible and that we should not be racist and respect other's culture and religion.

~ Dineshwaran, 2T1 ~

Today we visited the orphans at HOPE Children Centre for our VIA project. There, I find the children there very creative in coming up with ways in solving problems. I also learnt that these children are as human as we are and that we should treat them no differently than others and not look down upon them.

~ Abidi Shakirin, 2T1 ~


Today, we depart for Kampong Parit Penghulu at around 9 in the morning. When we reached there, we were greeted by Pak Man, the owner of the Kampong Parit Penghulu homestay. Pak Man brought us for a tour around the paddy field. There, we learnt and asked Pak Man many questions regarding the paddy.

After the tour around the paddy field, Pak Man led us to to his rubber and oil palm plantations.

After that, we headed for the top spinning activity. One of the locals, Mr Faizal introduced to us the traditional local game called top spin, also known as gasing. He then taught us the way to prepare and play the gasing. After the introduction session, we were given some time to try out the game and even learnt various tips and tricks to the game.

After lunch, we continued with the ondeh-ondeh making activity. Ondeh-ondeh is a traditional local kueh which is loved by the locals. It is also more commonly known as buah Melaka amongst the locals. A local guide, Aunty Shima taught us the steps to making the kueh. We were then given the opportunity to make our own ondeh-ondehs.

The next activity is the basket and ketupat weaving session. We were guided step-by-step on how to complete the basket weaving as well as the ketupat.

The last two activity at the Kampong Parit Penghulu homestay involves the traditional local games of tarik upih and terompah gergasi.


What did I do today?

I was at the paddy field. I saw and got to touch a paddy seed. Before the paddy seed ripen, the rice grain actually have a milkish-like texture. I try to recognize the type of tree through the colour and shape of the leaves.

What did I learn today?

I learnt about the rubber tree. The rubber tree have a lifespan of 25 years. I learnt that rubber trees are planted using the bark grafting method. 1 kg of latex will bring them RM 3 of income.

I also learnt how to weave a rattan basket and ketupat using the coconut leaves. The learning process was difficult, but if we practice continuously, we will eventually get the hang of it.

How do I apply these lessons in my daily life?

The paddy farmers worked day and night to harvest their paddy. I should treasure the rice that I eat. We should not waste food and should think twice about throwing the grains of rice into the bin. As Pak Man mentioned, one grain of rice is equivalent to one drop of the farmers' sweat.

~ Xina, 2T1 ~

What did I do today?

I learnt how to spin a gasing.

What did I learn today? How do I apply these lessons in my daily life?

Initially, it was frustrating as I could not coil the string to the top correctly. I kept on failing to spin the top the way that it should. After many trials with the help of the guide and my classmates, I finally managed to get the top to spin. I learnt that through teamwork and determination, we can solve any problem and grow together to be a better person.

~ Yap Jun Kiat, 2T1 ~

What did I do today?

I toured around the rubber plantation; spinned tops; and learnt how to make ondeh-ondeh.

What did I learn today?

Time flew very quickly while we were in Kampong Parit Penghulu. The games that we played like spinning tops and terompah gergasi does not involve wifi or fanciful gadgets. Despite that, people living in the kampongs are able to seek entertainment using the most basic materials like dried oil palm tree leaves and wooden blocks.

How do I apply these lessons in my daily life?

I can be as happy without wifi.

~ Aidan Loh, 2T1 ~


We departed from school at around 7.30 am towards Tuas Checkpoint. After clearing the customs, we stopped for a short breakfast at one of the Gelang Patah rest area.

We then travelled to Yong Peng for lunch and proceed to a small estate pineapple and oil palm plantation farm near that area. There, we learnt how to identify a male and female oil palm tree. We also learnt about the difference between peat soil and clay soil. After that, we also got to taste the freshly cut pineapple from the farm.

After that, we proceeded to Malacca. The first place which we visited was the Bukit China. At the foot of the hill, stands the temple and the King's Well. The King's Well was an important source of water for the inhabitants of old Malacca.

Next we took a walk along the Malacca River while enjoying late afternoon scenery of Malacca Town. Along the way, we got to know more about the history and architecture of Kampung Morten and other iconic buildings around the area.

We then proceeded to Nyonya Sayang Restaurant for a Peranakan themed dinner.

Finally, we proceeded to the hotel for check-in. Before proceeding to our room, we were given a safety and security briefing by the hotel manager.


What did I do today?

I went to the pineapple farm. There, I learnt about pineapples and oil palm plantation and how they grow them. I also learnt about the history of the China Hill.

What did I learn today?

I learnt about how villagers grow and protect their plants.

How can I apply these lessons in my daily life?

I should learn to be more disciplined and hardworking like the farmers in how they do their work with determination.

~ Sivadharshini, 2T1 ~

What did I do today?

1. Pineapple farm

2. History of the Chinese in Malacca

3. Oil palm plantation

What did I learn today?

River system which is similar to Singapore's boat quay where traders unload their goods. The back of the shop houses faced the river to ease the delivery of goods from the trading boats to the shop.

How can I apply these lessons in my daily life?

I learnt not to take things for granted. The comfort that we enjoy in Singapore, such as ease of internet connection and toilet bowl with seats may not be a given in another country.

~ Ervina Devinta Putri, 2T1 ~


Parents' Briefing Session

Date: 21st October 2017, Saturday

Time: 9 am

Venue: Learning Hub

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