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School's Out for the Summer!

It's hard to believe that we are at the end of the school year. Though this year was like no other, there are many wonderful moments that truly exemplified the amazing community of Beckett Farm Public School. Take some time to reflect on the meaningful learning you engaged in, the events that you took part in, the contributions that you made to our school community, and the good times with your friends and staff members. Hopefully were able to join us at the virtual assembly. If you didn't, we're very happy to say that it was all recorded for you to enjoy anytime! Thank you to Ms. Signer, Ms. Angel and our student tech crew for this amazing event! Goodbye to our grads. We wish you joy and much success as you continue to make your mark in this world for the betterment of all. Goodbye to staff who are leaving as well. We will miss you all! To those who will be back, we hope that we will be together again soon and look forward to many great times ahead. Happy Summer!

BFPS Virtual Assembly.mp4

Check Out the Incredible Beckett Farm Talent:






June 24th Podcast Show Flyer

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BFPS Good News Network Podcast Show!

This week's BFPS Podcast Show is super special as we say farewell to Mrs. Prebtani and a warm hello to Mrs. Rajan (our new Vice Principal). We also have an inspiring doctor Dr. Zaheera featured on this podcast. Use the flyer to access the link to the podcast.

June 24th Story Time
June 25th Story Time
Thank You Story Time

Thank you to all of our Beckett Rocks participants for venturing out into our school community for some physical exercise and friendly competition! After dropping more than 50 rocks, we are proud to say that we have our first pair of winners. Congratulations to Kyle Y and Violet G!! An additional set of rocks have been distributed this week and we will be selecting another pair of winners shortly. Please visit our Beckett Rocks Google Classroom at code: mpxljac for details. Again, thank you for your participation. What a fantastic way to stay active and spread good vibes :)

Games Slide Deck

Summer Games

As a final assignment in Grade 8, students created family friendly games for you to try over the summer. Check them out!

Powerful Messages!

After studying a variety of different media techniques used in effective Public Service Announcements, the grade 7 scholars' final media literacy task was to choose a current issue they are passionate about (LGBTQ rights, the environment, Black Lives Matter, COVID-19, smoking, bullying etc.) and create their own PSA. Check out the amazing work that some of our scholars were eager to share with the community!

Grade 7 Media Literacy PSA Projects-2.pdf

More Powerful Messages!

One of our teachers, Ms. Stephanie Cheung, recently shared a story about her experience of racism due to COVID-19. You can read her story and other stories under the "General Stories" category on this website

Reflect on how words and actions impact an individual and how we can each make a difference for the betterment of our family, school, community and in the world.

BFPS Annoucement Site

Survey Says - Student Voice!

Here are some healthy summer snack ideas submitted by the scholars at Beckett Farm!

Click on the photo to learn how to make each healthy snack!

Virtual Assembly
on Friday!

Tune in to the assembly this Friday (June 19th) at 1PM!

Join us for the live event using the link:

Program Details - BFPS Virtual Assembly
June 17th Podcast Show

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BFPS Good News Network Podcast Show!

This week's BFPS Podcast Show features Mrs. Rizzi who reveals clues on the Beckett Rocks Challenge and Mr. Cardoza who shares insight into how his community organization, True Champs, was created. Check out the flyer for the link to the podcast.

Story Time June 15
Story Time June 17th
Story Time June 18th
June 10 Podcast Flyer

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BFPS Good News Network Podcast Show!

This week's Good News Network Podcast hosts were Athisha and Julia who interviewed guests: Dr. Surabi Nadarajah (a local doctor), Mrs. Venostini (beloved teacher), and Emma (a student with advice on balancing academic success and her love of online games). Check out the flyer for the link to the podcast!

Black Lives Matter

Below is a colouring book that you can use to learn about the Guiding Principles of Black Lives Matter At School. Also, special thanks to Chayana in Ms. Angel's class for creating the poster encouraging our scholars to stay informed and support our Black community through encouraging window posters and sidewalk chalk messages.


Monday, June 8

Have we really arrived at the last 20 days of school? Yes we have! Several staff have organized some fun activities for you to consider delving into as we approach the end of school. Take a look...Wow!!!

Last 20 Days - FDK/Primary Choice Board
Last 20 Days - Junior/Intermediate Choice Board

Survey Says! - Student Voice

Here's more of what we heard from many of you who completed the survey asking about how you are attending to you mental health and well being as you continue to social distance. Let's remember that we all need to take a break and step away from the screen especially to ensure we keep our minds and bodies healthy.

June 3 - BFPS Podcast

Friday, June 5

BFPS Good News Network Podcast Show

A group of eager BFPS students have gathered together to write and produce a podcast show that features good news that is happening in the community, GTA, and the world! This week's hosts were Orviyah & Evalina who interviewed guests: Mrs. Smith (our beloved Principal), Saumya (a remarkable BFPS student), and an amazing singer Aleesia! Check out the flyer for the link to the podcast!

Story Time June 9th
Story Time June 10th
Story Time June 12th
Pride Month Activities!

June Is Pride Month

Try out some of these Pride Month inspired activities!
Click on the picture to find instructions for each activity.

June is National Indigenous Month!

K-3 Virtual Story Time: National Indigenous Month

Collection of K-3 Online Story Books

Gr 4-8 Virtual Story Time: National Indigenous Month

Collection of Gr. 4-8 Online Story Books

Wednesday, June 3

June has arrived! During this final stretch of the school year, we take time for reflect on the many accomplishments we have experienced individually and collectively at Beckett Farm Public School. One that stands out clearly is the impactful work that many of our scholars were immersed in with Artist Deron Douglas as they articulated their learning about Indigeneous culture through art. This process was captured by our YRDSB videographer. Please take a look and hear the voices during this journey.

LGBT Pride Month

In June we celebrate Pride Month to commemorate the Stonewall riots which took place in June 1969. To commemorate and recognize the contributions of the LGBT community and stand up for their rights, we engage in may pride events during this month. to stand for the rights of the LGBT community.

8B History of the PRIDE Flag
8B Celebrates Pride Month!

Survey Says! - Student Voice

Thank you to many of you who completed the survey that was sent home asking you to share how you are staying healthy at home. Here are the results of that survey. Remember to keep up with good routines and vary the things that you are doing during the day. Get out and get some fresh air, try a new recipe with an adult at home, exercise, and more!

Friday, May 29, 2020

Hello Scholars, we are now approaching the beginning of June, the last month of the school year. In an effort to remain connected as a school community, take a look at the signs on the windows of the school when you're walking by. Those are all messages from all of the staff at The Farm to you and your families. As well, join Beckett Rocks! Members of the Beckett Farm community will be heading out into our school neighborhood to drop off painted rocks with inspirational messages. These messages are meant to remind us of how strong and united we are as a team and how truly missed and cared for each of you are as individuals. New rocks will appear in our school neighborhood each week. Rocks painted in certain colours and/or those with certainn messages will be worth different point values that could earn you prizes!

Class code: pmxljac

Story Time June 2nd
Story Time June 5th

As well, join us for Story Time!

Hope you'll be there :)

Sandosh is 13 years old. He has been studying miruthangam under the guidance of Shri. Kugenthiran Kanaganthiram B.A. He started playing this Eastern instrument, at the age of 7. He is currently a Grade 7 scholar at Beckett Farm Public School. He is always eager and ready to learn new lessons and songs from my Master and other great Miruthangam artists in every single class. His goal is to finish Miruthangam successfully and become a teacher and teach others more. Aside from music, He attends choir, swimming, soccer, tennis and Tamil classes.

Our Class Pulley Systems

Science: Pulleys & Gears

The grade 4 scholars have been working hard in science and learning about different types of pulley systems. For their end of unit project, they were challenged to create any type of pulley system they have learned about (fixed, moveable, compound) using only items they could find around their homes. We can still promote and engage in fun, creative and hands-on experiences through distance learning!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Hello Scholars! The May long weekend has arrived! We hope that you had a good week of learning and discovering new ways to enjoy your time at home. Justin Barkie, is offering the "JUSTIN BARKIE DANCE PROGRAM" a 6 episode dance instruction that will support wellness and fitness :) It's FREE. Take a look and consider adding this fun to your new routines! Enjoy!! Password is: dance

Other GREAT news! We have two NEW online clubs!

BFPS Radio/Podcast Team

As part of the BFPS Radio/Podcast Team, you will help to create a radio/podcast channel for our school. Various roles include talk show host, announcer, tech support, etc. Join the BFPS Radio/Podcast Team using Class Code: j3weqww

Pride Month Planning Team

As part of the Pride Month Planning Team, you will help us plan ways to celebrate and honour our LGBTQ community during Pride Month in June. Join the Pride Month Planning Team using Class Code: 5f57kii

Nature is Speaking

Recently, Grade 8 students in Mr. Cardoza and Ms. Angel's class were asked to embody an element of nature and create a persuasive video from the perspective of that element of nature. Using inspiration from the "Nature is Speaking" series, the students have created chilling pieces that are sure to inspire others to take a second glance at nature. For more amazing videos like this one, go to their class Nature is Speaking site.

Emily Lam- Nature is Speaking- Insects.mp4

Monday, May 11, 2020

Hello Scholars!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. We hope that you took the time to say or do something special for your mother, grandmother, or relative who is the special person who helps to guide you in your life. It's important that we do something kind each day especially for those who matter most to us. We are thrilled with the amazing work so many of you are doing during these unsettling times. Thank you for continuing to put forth your best efforts. Please share with your parents/caregivers this information about opportunities that will be available for summer school where you may continue your learning during the holidays.

Elementary Summer School (Grades 6,7 & 8):

Reach Ahead Program (Grade 8 students going to grade 9):

Our staff at BFPS is always thinking of you and working very hard to offer you the best experience possible during these unsettling times.

Please visit our "Be Mindful" Page by clicking the button above for ideas to keep you energized, centered and positive.

We put together this little memoire to put a smile on your face and send some good feelings your way :)

Bitmoji Farmers Say Hello -

Take a look at two presentations from our Grade 3/4 scholars. The first offers many positive messages for all our community. The second features a focus on Earth Week.

Grade 34 Positive Message (2O20)
Grade 34 Earthday 2020

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Hello Scholars!

The weather is starting to improve so we hope that you are taking the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh, warmer air. We've had a few staffing changes recently.

We bid farewell to Ms. Ng and Ms. Logendran as each prepares to welcome their new child into this world very soon. We thank Ms. Baek for all her work with our grade 7s and many other scholars at our school. We're happy to report that Ms. Baek will now be taking on Ms. Ng's Grade 1/2 class until the end of the school year. We will have an occasional teacher to cover for Ms. Logendran's class soon. Welcome back to Ms. Sharma and Ms. Fernandes as they return to Beckett Farm PS after being away this past year. As well, Mr. Li has assumed responsibility of Ms. Bendavid's role while she is absent. We also thank Ms. Rachaconda for working with our ELL students during Ms. Cheng's absence.

We are one community who continue to support one another during these unsettling times and all times. Together, we will persevere through the challenges and look forward to when we can be together again.

Visual Art Career Exploration & Production (PPT for Community)
Hannah Beak.mp4
Ramadan assigment

Learning in Science:

Our grade 5's explored forces and natural phenomena. They've built these super sturdy bridges to showcase their learning. These structures are strong enough to withstand any thunderstorm! ?

Bridge Models
Ms. Nicitopoulos Video Meditation.MOV

Your mindful moment today called "Reflecting on Joy" is brought to you by Ms. Nicitopolous.

Today was one of the loveliest days so far this year! We hope that you took the opportunity to get outside and feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Hopefully we will continue to have such lovely weather. Though we need to continue with distancing ourselves from one another, we need to remember this beautiful message from one of our BFPS parents: "We all shall bounce back, till then let's count our blessings and pause to enjoy life".

At this time, we would like to thank Ms. Baek for all her work with our Grade 7 students. We wish her all the best as she completes her time with this class. We welcome back Ms. Fernandes who will resume her role as Grade 7 teacher at The Farm.

Msg from Mr. Cardoza.mp4

Mr. Cardoza has a message for all of you!

Join us for a fun week full of Beckett Farm Spirit! From Monday to Friday of this week, we invite you and your family to dress up each day!


A mindful moment with Mrs. Gordon-Rak

April 27

Earth Day

What are some things you did to celebrate Earth Day? Did you keep your lights turned off and light the sunlight shine in or maybe you remembered to turn the water off while brushing your teeth. Every little change each of us makes, will make a "world" of difference. Take a look at some of the amazing things our Kindies are creating to celebrate Earth Day!

Earth Day Creations: BFPS's Kindergarten Students

We're missing you all! Though we are distant from one another, we remain connected. As a little memory of the wonderful moments together at Beckett Farm Public School, here are some reminders from the halls of our school!

Staying safe and healthy at home during these times doesn't mean you can't have a little fun as well. Here are some cool things you can make at home. Get creative!

Make At Home Toys!

Check out what some of our grade 2s have been up to! You can create your own "rock monster" too. Makes a great paper weight :) They were inspired by the book Rock Monsters written by Simon Little. You can read it yourself at the following link

Earth Month Activities

April 20

Earth Day is on April 22nd. This day holds a lot of significance for all of us especially during these unsettling times when we need to focus on healing our world and the harms that this pandemic is causing on so many. Take some time to take a look at the many activities and initiatives that you could choose to do for Earth Day.

**Many of the pics in the slidedeck are hyperlinked*

Coronavirus Initiative Notes-Saumya Beckett Farm P.S.

Notes of Appreciation

Remember all the front line workers that are risking their own lives in support of ours. Make a card to show your appreciation and upload to the folder at this link We will be sending these out to them after this week.

Silence - Poems by 8B.pdf

April 13, 2020

By this time, you are settling into new routines, ensuring that you are social distancing getting familiar with our new way of learning and connecting. Though it will take some time to get used to our "new normal", we will persevere together. Please reach out to us if you have any questions. We are here to support you.

Grade 8 scholars from Mrs. Angel's class, inspired by the events that we are living through during this current pandamic, created poems to share their feelings and thoughts with you and with one another.

Intro-Warm up- Part 1 of 3.MOV
Circuit Part 2 of
Cool Down- Part 3 of 3.MOV

April 9, 2020

Greetings Farmers! Congratulations on finishing your first week of distance learning :) You have done a fantastic job connecting with your teachers. Although there are some challenges to this new way of learning, we know that together, we will overcome them and move forward in a good way. By this time, we hope that you've created a schedule for yourself to incude a good time learn, exercise, eat healthy, and enjoy quality time alone and with your families. Mr. Cardoza has created some exercises for you to follow along with so that you can remain energized and fit!

April 6, 2020

Welcome to the first week of distance learning! We hope you are all keeping well and are excited about the learning opportunities ahead.

Education Minister Lecce has announced that schools will be closed to at least the end of April. More information will follow.

Have you made up a daily routine while at home? Be sure to include learning, exercise, and time with your family each day. Connect with your friends and family through phone or video call. Remember to wash your hands regularly as well.

We miss hearing your voice, your laughter, and engaging in F2F (Face-to-Face) learning together! We are looking forward to continuing our journey together in new and creative ways.