what is Peacebuilding?

When we think about Peace we normally think about third world countries and war. But in reality, peace is so much more than that. Peace is looking at the world without bias. Peace is interacting with people without judgement. Peace is working together to create a harmonious society with space for diversity and differences.

Personal growth

Get to know yourself better and learn skills like conflict management

Team building

Together we build mutual trust and create safe spaces for all participant to share their ideas

Make Change

By the end of the conference you will have planned a personal project to drive change

Issues Denmark face

During this interactive Peace conference, we will explore a range of different challenges that youth face in our everyday modern European lifestyle. The topics that will be discussed includes growing xenophobia, lack of gender equality and discrimination against minorities. We will do all of this through a wide range of activities such as intriguing debates and interactive, collaborative tasks.

Expect to meet a diverse group of passionate young people from all around the world wanting to make a difference in collaboration with people from Roskilde and the surrounding areas.

the where and when

  • In 'Byens Hus' on St├Žndertorvet in the center of Roskilde
  • Every day between July 10th-12th from 9am to 5pm
  • For youth, by youth between 17-24 years old

The facilitator team