Product Analysis and Construction

Section 1 CAD-course in SolidWorks Part of 5ID209

Time Edit W7 , W8 and the complete schedule see Page 8 in the Brief

Responsible Tomas Lindehell

The programs used, on Windows based workstations, is:

  • SolidWorks

  • KeyShot (Mac&PC) or Autodesk VRed Pro for Rendering and VR (Virtual Reality)

  • Meshmixer (Mac&PC)

  • Netfabb basic 5.2 (PC, old vers.) for polygon work

  • Teams (and Zoom as a backup possibility)

Goal and contents

Students are given training in a Prametric modeling software (SolidWorks) on a deeper level in order to be able to create advanced 3D models and make effective visualizations.

The aim is to give a more in depth knowledge on how to use several CAD tools to achive error free 3D-printing and milling files for easy prototyping


Project 1: Methodology in Product Design 5ID224

Expected learning outcomes

After having completed the course, the student will be able to:

  • Apply

      1. basic modelling principles for parametric modelling, and

      2. prepare files for prototype production in Rapid Prototyping.

  • Account for the relationship between a product’s form, function and construction, and be able to discuss the possibilities and limitations these can lead to in the design process.

  • Analyse an existing mechanical or electronic product from construction aspects, develop a new design digitally, and model this proposal as a mechanical or electronic working design prototype.

  • Demonstrate the ability to work individually and professionally when creating a new original design with realistic constraints in size, cost, and time.


Completion of CAID 1 and CAID2

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Essential Digital Platforms

In the schools PC-labs:

  • All necessary software is already installed

On your PRIVATE computer follow the installation:

Need IT support and help

Contact Students Servicedesk

IT-support: Servicedesk

Use a lab computer remotly

For some students we can offer a possibility to connect remotly from your Mac or old PC to be ably to use SolidWorks and KeyShot. Contact Tomas Lindehell.

  1. Start VPN then Remote Desktop to a lab computer from a

  1. See the image for help with your login to the school computer. Use:

  • PC name: (this is an example)

  • Your user name: ad\abtg0004 (this is an example)

  • Password: xxxxxxx (this is an example)

Key Channel of communication

  1. Teams Product Analysis and Construction 5ID209 Channel and
    chat with tomas on Teams Login to Teams with (note the "ad")

  2. Zoom as the backup platform

  3. phone Tomas Lindehell 070-2128770

  4. email will be a main channel. Please ensure that you easily can access your school email daily!

Email is VERY important! Your email address is
You can change to you
private account if you like! :)
To change your primary email account, go to Servicedesk, log in using your Umu-id and choose My pages, Email settings in the main menu.

Calendar, Schedule, TimeEdit

TimeEdit. Always check your class schedule at TimeEdit.

Form of tuition

Tuition is in the form of lectures and practical training under the supervision of tutor. In computer labs and through Online sessions, exercises will be carried out under the guidance of an authorized teacher. All sections in the course are obligatory. The course material could be found through this web page and on our school file server or a Google Drive share, see links below.

Covid-19 restrictions

  • Top PC-lab only 8 students

  • Yellow PC-lab only 5 students


With some exceptions... Always check your Time Edit schedule.

09.00 to 12.00 Lab/Online Lecture and Q&A:s
10.15 to 10.45 Coffee break, fika
13.00 to 16.00 Own work/Video Tutorials
Always check your
TimeEdit schedule first!

Bring your headphones or earphones with CABLES! :)

to be ably to join the online sessions on a school lab PC :)

Show File name extensions in Win 10

  1. Open a Windows file folder

  2. View -> File name extensions. mark it, Enable visibility

Important LINKS

Preliminary Schedule and required assignments:

Day 1

Welcome to the CAID2 Course

  • Use Teams (Zoom) and your CAD-tools on the same computer!
    Remote support is then possibly :)

  • Log in to check your school email
    You can connect your private email to the student email if you like

  • Can everyone run SolidWorks, Netfabb and KeyShot or Autodesk VRed Pro?

SolidWorks file structure

Be careful where to save and name your files. Don´t move them around or rename. They are linked

  • Part

  • Assemby

  • Drawing

Build a series of building blocks

1/2 day Basic level

Functions learned:

  • Sketch commands

  • Dimensions and Relations

  • Extrude

  • Fillet

  • Shell

  • Part and Assembly logic

  • Mates (simple)

  • Tree concept (re-ordering features)

  • Drawing- Simple

  • Appearances (colors)

  • Modify Perspective

  • Lights, Shadows (Realview = the graphic card)

  • PDF, JPG Options Quality

  • Inches and millimeters Options

  • Use First Angle Projection
    Video: How to change from Third Angle (US)

Most of the world

Only United States

Upload 4 files:

  1. A SW part

  2. A SW assembly

  3. A SW drawing

  4. A PDF drawing (with First Angle Proj)

Learning videos for the Lego blocks:

  1. Make a PART

  2. Make a ASSEMBLY

  3. Make a DRAWING

Full Play list: Here

Some fun LEGO information to get correct SIZE! :)

Google Lego Bricks



Build a Screw

1/2 day Basic level

Functions learned:

  • BOUNDING BOX! Import background a Google search for a screw

  • Revolve

  • Dimensions

  • Cut-Extrude

  • Fillets

  • Split into several Bodies. Avoid cut

  • Helix / Spiral

  • Make a Reference Plane

  • Cut-Sweep

  • Combine Bodies. Glue it together

Upload 2 files

  1. An image

  2. A SolidWorks Part file


to Upload Assignments

To pass:

Upload final pics and SolidWorks files with Pack and Go

Important LINKS

Day 2


This did not work...?

Can I do like this instead...?

Build a Teakettle, Animation & STL

1 day Intermediate level

Functions learned:

  • Revolve

  • Loft

  • Sweep

  • Shell

  • Circular Pattern

  • Split

  • Creating Construction Planes

  • Hinge (Move bodies)

  • Base Part / Split Parts logic (basic)

  • KeyShot rendering / animation. Keep position at import!

  • Export STL with good Quality, use the Option button! :)

Export for Rapid Prototyping STL-files Go here

  • Number of Polygons? To many (huge file) or to few (ugly looking)

  • Correct size / scale

  • Enough strength

  • "Leakage"? Always check with the free Netfabb basic

Upload 4 files:

  1. A KeyShot Animation

  2. A SolidWorks file

  3. A screen dump from Netfabb Analyze, without ERRORS!

  4. A High Quality 3D-printable STL-file

Build a computer mouse

2 days Advanced level

Functions learned:

  • Simple surface commands (Lofted Surface, Extruded Surface, Planar Surface)

  • Switching from Surface to Solid (Knit) and vice versa

  • Shell

  • Circular Pattern

  • Planning and building bosses for screws

  • Split command- creating and managing multiple split parts from base part.

  • Importance of proper naming for bodies and file hierarchy.(DO NOT CHANGE FILE NAMES, otherwise the base part/split part link is lost)

  • When base part updates the split parts update automatically- demonstration

  • Creating a moderately complex assembly from split parts

Export an EDrawing file

A GREAT communication method! :)

exe with model (zip)

Upload 2 files:

  1. A cut section image

  2. A "Pack and Go" file
    Use the function insides SolidWorks called "Pack and Go" and make a ZIP-file with parts, assembly and drawing (within SolidWorks)


to Upload Assignments

To pass:

Upload final pics and SolidWorks files with Pack and Go

Important LINKS

Day 3 - 5


This did not work...?

Can I do like this instead...?

Build a hair dryer

3 days Advanced level

Download HQ pics

Download HQ pics

Functions learned:

  • Import Sketches. Download Pics, Click and save

  • Building Strategy (creating a proper curve network, building flexibly, building time efficiency)

  • Working with moderately complex surface commands (loft, sweep, fill, extrude, etc)

  • Knit surfaces to solid

  • Delete face command

  • 3D sketches

  • Move face command (create tolerances)

  • Parting Lines (cosmetic and real)

  • Logos (working with Blocks)

  • Bosses

  • Ribs

  • Lip/Groove

  • Assembly- Advanced (Practice inserting motor, screws, Electric components)

  • Drawing- Advanced

  • Exploded View

Upload 3 files:

  1. At least one image. Several are welcome :)

  2. One PDF showing an exploded view with ballons and part list

  3. Use the function insides SolidWorks called "Pack and Go" and make a ZIP-file with parts, assembly and drawing (done within SolidWorks)

Very well done! :)

Regards Tomas Lindehell

Important LINKS


to Upload Assignments

To pass:

Upload final pics and SolidWorks files with Pack and Go

Almost there :)

Finish all assignments

And please always share some:

  • knowledge

  • links

  • Tips & Tricks


Rik´s best SolidWorks shortcuts

"These are the most important shortcuts i would say"

P = perspective

V = orientation

F = zoom to fit

Z = zoom to area

N = normal to

R = rotate

Spacebar = pan

L = line

S = Shortcut bar

Suggested websites for advanced CAID tutorials:

Recommended by previous APD students

- "DiMonte group gets to some advanced SolidWorks surfaces tools, which basically tutors designerson how to recreate what they do in Alias, but in SolidWorks (start tutorials from bottom up)."

- Shows how to surface model a mouse. You need to sign up for the website.

Rhino and SolidWorks rhino_works_us.pdf

- Here's a Rhino3D 'whitepaper' on how to use it with Solidworks, but it's quite similar to use withAlias (Except Rhino opens natively in Solidworks and vice-versa, while Alias does not, so STEPformat would be used instead)."

- Here's a good rapid prototype file fixing tutorial in Rhino. It explains Rhino tools and strategiesfor repairing non-watertight models. Similar (and some more powerful) tools exist in Alias (ask Tomas L.). Of course SolidWorks does not need that as it will not export open STL files, and as the name implies the work is supposed to be with Solids.

Nice links from Alastair Warren:

Found some other really good videos on YouTube, looks like it really is pretty easy to do some complex surfacing.

The baby toy video Tomas recommended

Follow up to last video, has some good points

Electric bread knife, really really good to see how to create intersecting surfaces like on a screwdriver. Sold me on not using Alias.

A couple more really handy ones:

How to do a co-molded rubber bit over a handle and make the matching indent in the handle

Little trick with something called "composite curves", could be pretty handy. Makes a chopper motorbike tank

Making a spoon with fluting/ribbing in it. Interesting for how to control the transition in a loft (this loft feature is the Boundary Surface tool)

Nose cone of a race car

Plastic Part Design

Repair & adjust polygons

MeshMixer Free

Meshmixer Tips & Tricks

  • Check size. Analyze > Unit/Dimensions adjust direct or use Edit > Transform

  • If blue lines, try Edit > Close Cracks

  • Use the "X-ray shader" to see if there is something inside yhat should not be there

  • Edit > Seperate shells to verify that no unwanted pieces exist

  • Analyze > Inspector to make it "solid" (one volume) Friendly to your original mesh

  • Edit > Make Solid A quick shortcut to make things solid but could give unwanted result

  • Ctrl-click two parts and use boolean UNION to merge two volumes (check with x-ray if went okey)

Meshmixer: Adjust polygon size at intersection before Boolean Union! Very stretched polygons might cause problems. Stive for similar polygon size on both parts at intersection.

    • Use Select > Edit > Remesh > Linear SubDivision

    • Or use a brush. Sculpt > Brushes > Refine

Netfabb: Use Analyze and possibly go for an Automatic Repair. Right-click and save as STL

Netfabb 7.4 Free

Netfabb Free

  • Use the old versions like 5.2 or 7.4 they are very old but powerful
    Todays version is free for student but, only 30 days..?, and enormous in size

  • Download this free, awesome and very tiny (23mb) tool at our Google Share instead here

School pages:


3D-printers, Quality, thickness and strength

Some different types of 3D-printers

Info pages: 3dinsider, protolabs, all3dp, Makeanything video

Where can I 3D-print?

How to 3D-print info!

UID 3D-printers

UID:s 3D-printers

Download 3D-models

Human parts :)

MakeHuman Free

MakeHuman Free

    If you need a special human model or part :)

  • Forum

  • "Borrow" a foot, head or hand for your 3D-model by using MakeHuman. Make a 3D-model and cut off the piece you need :)

  • Pose in VRed, Maya or Blender