Past Broadcasts

Past Pioneer News Broadcasts

12.22 News Broadcast.mp4

December 22nd News Broadcast


    • Some Basic Info on Christmas
    • Sleigh Your Score Info
    • Finish Your Book Exchange Book Over Break
    • And More

Anchors: Drew & Johan

Run time: 5:17

12.21 News Broadcast.mp4

December 21st News Broadcast


    • The Great Inspirada Book Exchange
    • The School Play was a Huge Success
    • Sign Up for the Winter Sports Camp
    • And More

Anchors: Mandy & TJ

Run time: 5:04

12.20 News Broadcast .mp4

December 20th News Broadcast


    • The Great Inspirada Book Exchange
    • Sleigh Your Score Party
    • New After School Clubs
    • And More

Anchors: Isabel & Brinlee

Run time: 5:04

12.19 News Broadcast .mp4

December 19th News Broadcast


    • Open Enrollment Starts Soon
    • More Honors for Inspirada
    • New Spirit Sticks Available
    • And More

Anchors: London & Madison

Run time: 5:00

12.18 News Broadcast .mp4

December 18th News Broadcast


    • End of the First Semester
    • The Penguin Patch has Ended
    • Movie Spoiler Etiquette
    • And More

Anchors: Lyndsey & TJ

Run time: 4:50

12.15 News Broadcast .mp4

December 15th News Broadcast


    • Barnes & Noble Event Tomorrow
    • Sleigh Your Score Party is a Week from Today
    • End of the Semester
    • And More

Anchors: Bayleigh & Grace

Run time: 5:01

12.14 News Broadcast .mp4

December 14th News Broadcast


    • Sleigh Your Score: Choose a Movie
    • Kneaders for Dinner!
    • The Orchestra's Winter Concert is Tonight
    • And More

Anchors: Chloe & Mandy

Run time: 6:06

12.13 News Broadcast .mp4

December 13th News Broadcast


Anchors: Sophia & Kaylee

Run time: 5:30

12.12 News Broadcast .mp4

December 12th News Broadcast


    • Hanukkah Begins Today
    • Holiday Shoppe Now Open
    • Band Winter Concert Tonight!
    • And More

Anchors: Roma & Gabriella

Run time: 6:40

12.11 News Broadcast .mp4

December 11th News Broadcast


    • End of the Semester
    • Sleigh Your Score Results
    • Band Winter Concert
    • And More

Anchors: Kaylee & Drew

Run time: 5:37

12.8 News Broadcast.mp4

December 8th News Broadcast


    • Sleigh Your Score Details and Movies
    • Super Reader Thursday Results
    • Meme of the Week Update
    • And More

Anchors: Grace & Gabriella

Run time: 8:29

12.7 News Broadcast (9:20).mp4

December 7th News Broadcast


    • Mrs. Hill Reads for Super Reader Thursday
    • Science Fair Results
    • Pep Rally Next Friday
    • And More

Anchors: Roma & TJ

9:18 run time

12.6 News Broadcast .mp4

December 6th News Broadcast


    • Yoga Classes At Inspirada
    • Winter Concerts are Next Week
    • Academic Assembly Tomorrow
    • And More

Anchors: Moxie & Johan

4:52 run time

12.5 News Broadcast .mp4

December 5th News Broadcast


    • Morning AR Testing Available
    • Week of Code
    • Pioneer Writer
    • And More

Anchors: Roma & TJ

4:43 run time

12.4 News Broadcast.mp4

December 4th News Broadcast


Anchors: Zack & Gabriela

7:23 run time

12.1 News Broadcast.mp4

December 1st News Broadcast


Anchors: Mandy & Mandy

7:22 run time