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Edwards 11/26 .mp4

November 26th News Broadcast


  • Lost and Found cleanup
  • All Fired Up
  • Survey Results
  • And more.....

Anchors: The Christmas Spirit and Matthew

Run Time: 3:51

final 11.16.mp4

November 16th News Broadcast


  • Basketball Tryouts
  • Upcoming Birthdays
  • Bloopers
  • And more.....

Anchors: Carli and Aiden

Run Time: 7:02

Edwards 11/15.mp4

November 15th News Broadcast


  • New high school
  • Thanksgiving is coming up
  • No school next week
  • And more.....

Anchors: Dominick and Johan

Run Time: 4:10


November 14th News Broadcast


  • New Fundraiser
  • Fees
  • Today in History
  • And more.....

Anchors: Emily and Madison

Run Time: 3:54

11.13 edit.mp4

November 13th News Broadcast


  • Thanksgiving
  • Blended Learning
  • Survey Winners
  • And more.....

Anchors: Biscuits and Triscuits

Run Time: 3:56

11.9 edit.mp4

November 9th News Broadcast


  • College Interviews
  • Data Day Today
  • Ms. Scalzitti Birthday
  • And more.....

Anchors: Tristan and Lilly

Run Time: 11:57

Car Loop Reminders!

The safety of students must be on the forefront of all our minds while using Car Loop. To ensure students are safe, please be reminded of the following:

Be an ALERT Driver:

  • Do not use your cell phone while in the “Safety Zone” (area of white boxes where students exit/enter cars).
  • Keep your eyes on the road and traffic – not on your child – until you come to a complete stop in a white box and/or once you pull away.

Follow the Car Loop Procedures:

  • Speed limit should 5 mph or less.
  • Do not drop off children or pick up children outside of the Safety Zone.
  • Do not open any car doors until traffic in both lanes has come to a complete stop.
  • Do not wave your child on to your car. Once traffic stops in both lanes, a staff member will release students to cars.
  • Pull all the way forward. Please do not leave a gap larger than 5 feet between your car and the car in front of you.

Be Courteous:

  • Being patient and kind during carloop helps the process move smoothly and is a great role model for your children.
  • Refrain from using obscene language, gestures or rude behavior toward staff and/or volunteers. Parents using obscene language, gestures or rude behavior will not be allowed to use Car Loop.
  • If your child is not ready to leave your car (morning) or walk out to your car (afternoon) when traffic is ready to move, please move to the waiting lane.
  • Lane 1’s waiting lane is against the red curb to the left of lane 1.
  • Lane 2’s waiting lane is up by white boxes 1-4 to the right of lane 2.

Parents not willing to follow these rules and procedures should not use Car Loop and should arrange a meeting spot off campus on Angel Bluff or Via Contessa to meet their child.

Apps You Must Have!

Have the Remind App! You can get reminders from your teachers and peers!

Get Infinite Campus! Here you can check your grades and pay class fees!

You also need to have Circle In! It is an easy way to earn scholarship points and community service hours not to mention the amazing prizes!