Monday, January 22

Students interested in participating in the State Solo and Ensemble festival need to sign up on my office window by the first week of February. The event is April 14th (same day Prom was scheduled).

Friday, January 19

Another weekend, another honor band. Those involved with the SEIBA Honor Band should meet in the Band Room at 8:15 AM tomorrow. Make sure to read the information sheet and bring money for lunch.

Pep Band tonight. Be here at 6:15 and help cheer our Grayhound Girls to victory.

Be sure to check the Disney page for an updated itinerary later today.

Tuesday, January 16

No pep band tonight. The teams are out of town tonight. Students involved with the SEIBA Honor Band need to be at BHS this Saturday by 8:15 AM. Please read the information sheet that was included in your folder.

Minor updates to the Disney page. I will send an updated payment information this Friday. All students need to try and have their accounts paid in full by the end of the month.

Thursday, January 11

The Music Boosters need your help this Sunday to remove the downtown decorations. They will begin removing the Jefferson Street decorations at 8:00 AM this Sunday. Once the decorations are removed they need to be returned to the Perkins Park Shelter House. The trailer will probably arrive around 9:00 AM if everything goes smoothly. Please help. The more people there the quicker it will be finished.

Saturday, January 6

Congratulations to Grace (flute), Lydia (flute), Vidya (clarinet), and Wilson (tuba) on their acceptance into the Southeast Iowa Bandmasters Association Honor Band. Great job on your auditions. To those who didn't make it, keep trying. The experience of todays audition will make it easier for you next year. The concert will be at Iowa City West HS on Saturday, January 20th.

Congratulations to Grace (flute), Elena (bassoon) Vidya (clarinet), Christina (bass clarinet), Micah (alto), Anthony (trumpet), and Wilson (tuba) on their acceptance into the Augustana College Honor Band next Sunday and Monday. Their concert will be Monday, January 15 at 6:30 PM.

The Music Boosters will not be removing the downtown decorations tomorrow. The plan is to them next Sunday. Please plan on helping as it makes it go much quicker. The boosters will have a meeting this Tuesday and I am sure this will be on the agenda.

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