Thursday, September 12

Sorry for the late notice, but the heat index is higher than I expected. Band students should not wear uniforms (or hats) tonight for the parade. Please wear nice shorts and a BHS t-shirt or sports jersey.

Monday, September 9

Homecoming Week update. I will update as necessary throughout the week.

Parade - Thursday at Perkins Park. Call time is 5:30 PM with the parade beginning at 6. Band members will need to be dropped off in uniform and with their instrument. Band members can wear their sports jersey or cheer uniform so they can represent both the band and their sport. The trailer will be at BHS Thursday afternoon so students will be able to get their uniforms. After the parade band members need to neatly hang their uniforms back in the trailer. The pep rally will begin at 8 PM (band members need to be in the gym by 7:50). Following the pep rally, there is a bonfire where the band will play the school song.

Friday - Early morning pep rally with WQAD. Band members should arrive by 5:15 AM as they want us in place around 5:30 AM. Band members will need to wear a Grayhound shirt (wear your new booster shirt if you purchased one) and khakis (no athletic shorts) since I don't think I will be able to get the trailer down to Bracewell. The band is scheduled for TV time around 6 AM & 6:55 AM...could be more. There will be ONE bus to RETURN band members to BHS. The district wasn't able to get anymore due to morning bus routes. Call time for the game Friday evening is 6 PM.

Thanks for your patience this week. Homecoming is always busy and I appreciate everything you do...even if I don't always say it.

Thursday, September 5

Great job today. It is nice to have the opener complete. Keep up the good work. Next week is Homecoming week and the band will be pretty busy and will post more information next week (remember what I said this morning). I just found out that we will be doing another WQAD pep rally on Friday, September 13th (just like last year) at Bracewell Stadium. Band members will need to arrive by 5:15 AM. I will ask the Music Boosters to get us some breakfast since there wasn't any left for us last year.

Friday, August 30

Game Day!! Reminder, call time is 6:00 PM tonight at Bracewell Stadium. Jazz Band will begin Thursday (September 5th). The Marching Band has been asked to perform at the Alzheimer's Walk at the Port of Burlington again this year. The event will take place on Saturday, October 12 at 10:30 AM. Students will not need their uniforms, but should wear Grayhound-themed tops.

Tuesday, August 27

Our first performance is this Friday. Please arrive at Bracewell Stadium by 6 PM. We will not wear gloves at this performance and I doubt the shoes will be delivered in time. Please make every effort to come in during 0 hour, study halls, or lunch to get fitted for a uniform. I will try and do some during class, but we all know how that worked out today.

Saturday, August 24

The first day of school is nearly here. Jazz Band will begin after Labor Day. I will make an announcement the first week of school and post exact date on the web page. Students enrolled in Band/Orchestra combo will have Orchestra the first day of school.

The first week of school will be extremely hectic, so please remain patient. We need to get all uniforms fitted, assigned, and loaded on the trailer. I am hoping all returning members will keep the same uniform, if not, let me know ASAP.

Our first performance will be Friday, August 30. Call time is 6:00 PM. We will not march much (if at all) at the first game, but will do a standing performance. There is a presentation during half time so we will not be able to perform all of our music.

Friday, August 16

Reminder, camp will finish at 7:00 pm tonight. Thanks for a great week. We have made great progress on the music.

Wednesday, August 14

It was great seeing everyone last night. I am looking forward to working with you all of this year. Please try and spend a little time each day working on the music. Our first football game is the first Friday of school.

Monday, August 12

Band Camp begins tomorrow at 5 PM. We will spend most of the time on music and some basic marching. I hope to have a roster sometime soon so I can finish our drill. Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Wednesday, July 10

I hope everyone had an enjoyable summer break and managed to get in some quality practice on your instrument. I currently do not have access to the 2019-2020 database in Infinite Campus to create mailing labels and hope you will find this information on our web page.

Band Camp will be August 13th - 16th from 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM at BHS (Drumline will meet August 6th - 8th from 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM). This year we will be performing The Music of Queen. Please make every effort to attend camp. We have a lot of music to learn to learn and I would like to get a good start on our drill.

The 2019 show music, medical form, and uniform sizing sheet can all be downloaded from the band web page. Please bring your completed medical form and sizing sheet with you to band camp.

Take a moment to mark all band performances on your calendar (a detailed calendar can be found on the band web page). If you have a conflict with a performance please let me know as soon as possible so I can arrange an alternative assignment. Whenever possible I will give two weeks notice of additional performances. Please keep in mind - work is not an excuse to miss a performance.

Monday, July 1

We still need help with RAGBRAI. Please sign up to help using the following links.

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