Group Class Rules

註冊報到 Registration

  • 新生應於開課前一周完成分班測驗(零起點除外)與報到等事項,否則開課第一天將無法上課。

  • New students are SUPPOSED to finish the necessary procedures (registration, placement test, etc.) one week before the term starts. Otherwise, they will NOT be able to take the lesson and there is NO MAKE-UP CLASS will be arranged for them. (Note: You don't need to take the placement test if you have never learned Chinese before.)

  • 報名本中心任何課程並完成繳費後,不得以任何理由轉讓他人或是轉換班別及課程種類。例如:已繳交團體班學費欲改個人班或其他班別者,須先依團體班退費規定辦理退費後,再另重新報名繳費。

  • Once the registration is completed, under no circumstances can the courses be transfer to others or changed into different types.

  • 開課後中途插班者,須繳交全額學費亦無補課,之前所缺課程計入缺席時數。

  • In the case of joining to class after the term starts, the tuition fee is required to be paid in full and no make-up class would be given. The previous missing courses would be marked as absent.

  • 為確保上課品質始終保持最佳狀態,每期將會不定期舉行觀課。

  • Class observation will be held occasionally in order to ensure the quality of the class is always at it's best.

持研習中文簽證者之注意事項 Notes for the Holders of Visitor Visa for Studying Chinese Purpose

停留/居留簽證延期 Visa Extension:

  • 持研習中文簽證者,須注意自己的「課堂出席率」「簽證到期日」。並於簽證到期前一週,先至華語中心辦公室申請「註冊在學證明及出席紀錄」,再到移民署申請簽證延期。

  • Be sure to attend every class to maintain good attendance and check your Visa Expiration Date! Extend your visa one week before it expires.

注意事項 Attention

  • 平日下午三點前於華語中心櫃台申請文件,可於次一工作日領取。

  • The application of any documents (e.g. Enrollment Certificate, Student Transcript, and so on) must be applied and registered at the Chinese Language Center ONE BUSINESS DAY before the pickup date.

Example: Abby applied for an enrollment certificate on the Friday, 18 October 2019 at the CLC office. She could pick up her document on Monday, 21 October 2019 at 12 p.m.

簽證到期日 Visa Expiration Date:


The visa expiration date for the holder of Visitor Visa for Studying Chinese Purpose who does not wish to continue studying Chinese next term would be the last day of the term. In other words, the holder must leave the country on the last day of the term.

更多簽證資訊 Learn more about the visa:

中文English日本語한국어españolTiếng Việtไทย

跳級考試 Grade Skipping


If you feel your class is too easy, please apply for a test to skipping a grade within 1 week after the term starts. (this test of the same level can only be applied once per term)

換班/課期限: 開課1周內可以申請換班/課

Course Changing Deadline: You can change your course in 1 week after the term starts.

免費無線網路 Free WiFi

文藻已開放 iTaiwan 用戶漫遊使用,iTaiwan 用戶可於校園開放時間及開放地點,使用 iTaiwan 帳號+@itw (例:0912345678@itw)登入已開放漫遊之校園熱點(TANet-Roaming );只要提供手機號碼,iTaiwan 系統即會透過手機簡訊傳送認證碼,再於網頁輸入認證碼及自行設定密碼後,就能在文藻校園使用 Wifi 了! 按我申請

You may log onto campus roaming-enabled hotspots (TANet-Roaming) with your iTaiwan accounts (ex: 0912345678@itw) in Wenzao. You just need to provide your mobile number, and then the iTaiwan system will automatically send a verification code via SMS to you. Key in the verification code and your password and you will be immediately able to surf the internet wirelessly in Wenzao! Click here to apply

機車/腳踏車停車證 Parking Permit

開課 2 週內到辦公室登記。

If you need to park either a scooter or a bike on campus, please apply for the parking permit at CLC in the 2nd week after the term starts.


Parking fee: NT$200 per term for scooter; free of charge for bike.

圖書館借書卡 Library Card

持學生證至圖書館填寫借書證申請表,並繳交押金 NT$ 1,000 元。

Apply for it with your student ID card in the library and pay a NT$1,000 deposit.

學生證不見了怎麼辦?What if I lost my Student Card?

請先至華語中心櫃台支付學生證補發費用 NT$ 300 元;數位學生證製作程序約需十個工作天,請耐心等候;待製卡完成後,辦公室將透過電子郵件通知申請人前來領卡。

Pay a NT$300 fee at the CLC front desk and the CLC will apply a new one for you, which takes about 10 working days. We will notify you when the new card arrives.

更換學生證辦法 What if I need a replacement ID card?

The expiry date of your student ID card is the expected end date of your course. If you are still studying your course but your ID card expiry date has passed please contact the front desk of Chinese Language Centre.

Lost or carelessly damaged ID Cards will be replaced upon payment of the appropriate fee. You can order and pay a NT$ 300 fee for your replacement ID card at the front desk of Chinese Language Centre.

學生證照片相關 About the image/photo of Student Card

The photo that you initially upload to the CLC will remain on your student record and is printed on your student ID card which is valid for the duration of your course of study at the Chinese Language Centre

Note: Please ensure that the photograph which you upload is a passport style picture, clearly showing your face. You will only get one opportunity to upload this image and any editing (e.g. cropping) of the photograph must be done prior to uploading.

You may only amend your photo if your appearance has changed significantly and you are no longer recognisable from the image that is held on your student record (the photo on your ID card). If you are no longer recognisable from the photo on your ID card then please contact us at the CLC front desk.

The Chinese Language Centre reserves the right to reject image amendment requests where your appearance on the new photo is not deemed to be unrecognisable from the image currently held on your student record.

健身房運動卡 Gym Card Application

申請者請在開課後 1 週內至華語中心辦公室繳交1張照片和費用(六個月300元)。

Submit one passport-size photo and the fee (NT$300 for 6 months) to CLC office in 1 week after the term starts.

學期評分項目及標準 Evaluation Items and Standards

  1. 出席率 attendance 10%

  2. 學習態度 attitude 10%

  3. 期中考 mid-term test 20%

  4. 期末考 Final test 30%

  5. 平時成績 general performance 30%

  • 總平均不滿70分者,下學期續讀時不予升級。(需留原級重讀) Students with a term average under 70 will not move to the next level in the following term.

  • 團體班學生上課超過10分鐘未到教室以缺席論。Students who miss the group class for 10 minutes or more (including being late or leaving the classroom during the class) will be recorded as absent.

  • 請假不予補課,並視為缺席。All leaves are considered absence and are not entitled to a make-up class.

  • 期末考試期間因故無法參加考試,須在期末考前一個月提出申請並檢附證明,經華語中心核可後始得進行補考。補考成績除公假、重病住院、和其他不可抗拒的原因可按實際分數給分之外,其餘則以實際分數之80%計算。If students cannot attend the final exam due to unavoidable factors, you must apply for a makeup test and submit proof of the reason for the absence to CLC one month before the final exam. CLC will approve the test after the documents have been verified. 100% of the score of the makeup test will be recorded should the absence be for statutory reasons, serious illness, or any other unforeseeable factor. Only 80% of the score will be recorded, should the absence be for other reasons.

退費標準 Refund Policy


Please check the refund policy as follow .

結業證書 Course Completion Certificate

學生整期修業期滿,當期總成績 70 分以上且出席時數達總時數的3/4者,可獲得華語中心結業證書。(當期證書親領免費;非本期證書 NT$100、郵資 NT$100。)

Students who attend the whole term with a final grade over 70 and attendance rate over 75% can obtain the Course Completion Certificate after application. (Free for the current term, if you need the certificate to be sent by post, please come to CLC office to pay the postage.)

無法收到郵件 Missing Emails

如果您沒有收到我們發送的電子郵件,請檢查您的垃圾郵件文件夾。 如果您仍然無法找到此電子郵件,請與華語中心辦公室聯繫,謝謝。

If you did not receive the email from us, check your Spam or Junk email folders. If you still can’t locate this email, check with the CLC office to confirm that we have your correct email address.

**解決方案 Additional troubleshooting

  • 您可以在收件匣中搜尋寄件人 wenzaoclc@gap.wzu.edu.tw。 我們的郵件將從wenzaoclc@gap.wzu.edu.tw 發送。

  • You can search your inbox for the recipient address. The email will be sent from wenzaoclc@gap.wzu.edu.tw

  • 您可以將 wenzaoclc@gap.wzu.edu.tw加入安全寄件人列表(下面的說明)中,並請華語中心辦公室重新發送電子郵件給您。

  • You can add wenzaoclc@gap.wzu.edu.tw to your Safe Senders list (instructions below) and ask the CLC office to resend the email to you.