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Google Hangouts

Google Hangout Start Sheet

Google Hangout/Classroom 2020 updated

Scheduling Google Hangout

Record a Video Meeting

Mrs. Engelmohr explains Google Hangout

Mrs. Engelmohr explains Google Meets

Go Guardian

How to Use Go Guardian in a Remote Learning Environment

Go Guardian Remote Learning Guide

(The above video is Very helpful!}

Go Guardian Help Center

Google Classroom

Tips for Google Classroom

What Parents See When Invited

How to Create an Assignment in Google Classrrom

Using Google Remotely

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Getting Started in Google Classroom

Google Classroom & Coronavirus

Digital Lessons in Google Classroom

10 Cool Things to do in Google Classroom

Google Classroom Quiz and Locked Test Mode


Podcast PD Shakeup Learning

Nearpod Resources

To log in go to nearpod.com

Students have an icon in Classlink

or just go to nearpod.com

Flocabulary Resources

To log in go to flocabulary.com

Students have an icon in Classlink

or just flocabulary.com

Brainpop Resources

To log on to Brainpop

go to the waffle.

For students the same

or if they are in Classlink there is an icon.


All students log in to Class link automatically.

Assignment Support Videos

Helpful Videos

Videos for Teachers

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Teachers please remember to do submit a school dude for any computer, network, etc issue.

School Dude site

Remember you set your password, but at the bottom to submit a work order the password is "password".