District 205-TECH in the Classroom

The learners and leaders of tomorrow are living in a technology driven world. The teachers and staff at District 205 recognize the importance of teaching students how to use new technologies in effective ways. Students at District 205 are gaining the skills to access, learn from, and communicate information using these new tools. This site will highlight some of the innovative ways District 205 teachers are using technology in their classroom.

ONE-TAKE VIDEO: You've Got a Friend In Me

Laura Bosomworth, Nielson

In Mrs. Bosomworth art classes they decided to take on the school theme for the year, "You've Got a Friend in Me" from Toy Story. They took characters and themes from the song and created a One-Take video highlighting ideas from the song.


PODCASTS: The Raven Reviews

Teresa Powell, Churchill Junior High

In Ms. Powell's 7th grade ELA class they were recently studying the poem The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe. Instead of simply writing a critique and summary of the poem, Ms. Powell decided to have students take their analysis of the poem and turn them into short podcasts. Using Achor.fm, students created podcasts complete with introductory music and transitions.


Amy Nielson, King Elementary

Each week at King Elementary the Tigercast news team puts together a short newscast highlighting student birthdays and classes with good attendance. Every week there is a special report featuring students with great behavior, fun crafts, conversations with teachers and staff, or even interviews with state legislators!

PROCEDURAL VIDEOS: Lunchroom Expectations

Jenny Bredemeier, Silas Willard Elementary

At Silas Willard Elementary, Mrs. Bredemeier wanted to communicate to students how they are to behave while in the lunchroom. Rather than simply give students a lecture Mrs. Bredemeier took it a step further by creating a video that details the expectations but also demonstrates the proper behavior to students.

THIS I BELIEVE: Personal Reflection Project

Jennifer Young, Lombard Middle School

In Mrs. Young's 7th grade ELA class she wanted her students to pause and reflect on what are some of their core beliefs, values, and experiences. Students wrote about it but then went a step further by creating short screencasts using Screencastify. In these screencasts students created a presentation with visuals to communicate their thoughts and ideas. They then narrated their presentation and shared with the class.

Sep 8, 2017 3:34 PM.webm

STOP MOTION ANIMATION: Created using Google Slides

Julie O'Riley, Churchill Junior High/Lombard Middle School

In Mrs. O'Riley's technology classes students are learning to tell stories through the use of technology. One innovative method which students are learning is the use of stop motion animation. Mrs. O'Riley taught students how to create a story using Google Slides to create their animations. LINK TO SLIDE EXAMPLE

CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: Created with Google Slides

Kevin Vysoky, Churchill Junior High

In Mr. Vysoky's 8th grade ELA classes, students recently completed a Choose Your Own Adventure project using Google Slides. Students are currently reading J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" as their primary text for the 2nd Quarter, and their writing focus is an introduction to argumentative writing. By combining the theme of adventure from the novel, sequential and chronological argumentative writing, and Google Slides as the technology component, students created some interesting games while still "playing" with their reading and writing skills.


PLICKERS: Formative Assessment Tool

Daniel Zeh, Galesburg High School

In Mr. Zeh's math classes he was looking for a fun and engaging way to quickly get formative assessment data on his students. By using the Plickers App, Mr. Zeh is able to quickly move around the room and see if students were able to work out the problems correctly. Students have Plickers icons taped to the back of their calculators that they can hold up when they complete a problem. Mr. Zeh then can scan the room with the Plickers app and get a quick snapshot of where the class is with certain concepts.

SEESAW: Students Reflect on Learning

Gwen Wells, Nielson Elementary

Every couple of weeks in Mrs. Wells 1st grade class, students go over their finished work, choose a favorite and reflect on it. They then go on Seesaw to take a picture of their work and record themselves discussing why they like that particular piece of work. This is then saved to their Seesaw journal. Mrs. Wells then views their reflection and shares it with their parents to see.


Shawn Hickey, Galesburg High School

In Mr. Hickey's Civics classes they have been studying political parties, political ideologies, and campaign tactics. As a culmination of their study students created their own political party complete with a candidate, platform, and campaign strategy. In order to demonstrate what they have learned students created a party website that included a press release, political mailer, and campaign ad.

Click on website image to access live site.

STOP MOTION ANIMATION: 4th and 5th Grade Art

Colleen Noonan, Steele Elementary

In Ms. Noonan's 4th and 5th grade Art classes she wanted students to learn to work collaboratively and learn basic animation principles. Students were placed into groups of 2 to 3 students and then given the task of creating a scene then planning how to animate it using stop motion. Students then reflected on the process and developed strategies to improve the animation.

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