Galactic® Sealed PC

Our Galactic® Sealed PC has significantly increased longevity compared to conventional PCs in hostile laboratory environments. This will save your laboratory capital expenditure, preventing downtime and data loss, whilst considerably reducing landfill.

Standard PCs have an extremely shortened lifespan when exposed to hostile environments, such as a laboratory. Our Galactic® Sealed PC is resistent to corrosive gases, humidity and dust, significantly extending its lifespan in hostile environments. This not only saves the expenditure of frequetly purchasing new PCs, but it also saves on downtime and avoids data loss.

First Gen3 Galactic® Sealed PC at Intertek. Note power and video cables cut into exit seal whereas mouse, keyboard and comms are on top seal as they are more frequently changed by the customer.

The Galactic® Sealed PC is airtight; this includes all electric cord ports. There is no traditional ventilation air intake. Instead we use a novel proprietary technique that eliminates ingress of hostile atmosphere whilst ensuring adequate cooling.


Contact Person: Mr Andrea F Biondo BSc (Physics) MAIP, MRACI CChem Cert IV TAE

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