Galactic® Co-operative is a WA-based, socially responsible, worker-owned technology business based in Perth, Western Australia.

We are providing advanced technical expertise across multiple industries.

Galactic® Scientific's multidisciplinary team can provide a variety of maintenance, repair and training services to all forms of laboratories and to the broadcast and telecommunications industries.

Galactic® Health & Wellbeing offers workplace wellbeing consulting and training.

Galactic® Sustainability offers advice, training, policy planning and development on: waste and resource management; energy efficiency related to buildings, interiors and machinery; low resource waste and use lifestyle; circular material flows and Zero Waste.

Galactic® Scientific


With many years of experience in the telecommunications industry we are able to offer broadcast site maintenance as well as module repairs. By repairing your module, rather than replacing, we are able to save you time and money. Based in Perth we are able to offer emergency and after hours call outs for your station.


We understand the particular demands of 24/7 broadcasting. When equipment upgrades become necessary because of safety or functionality, we are the best people to work with to ensure a fast turnaround, high quality of work, and thorough testing and record keeping. We can help source the parts for upgrades as well as uninstall equipment, refurbish, and reinstall.

Broadcast Module Servicing

Galactic® Scientific can provide service and repairs to your broadcast modules. Whether it is lightning damage, or overheating, Galactic will discern the root cause of your problem and work to ensure consistent operation into the future.

Site Maintenance

Maintenance is necessary for all transmission sites in accordance with Australian standards. We offer a range of services including building or hut maintenance, vegetation reduction, and lightning protection.

Program Downlink and Transmission Systems

Galactic® Scientific will work to ensure your broadcast is clear and uninterrupted. As part of site maintenance we will ensure your program is reaching your transmission sites, and is then successfully transmitted across the Perth metro area.


Contact Person: Mr Andrea F Biondo BSc (Physics) MAIP, MRACI CChem Cert IV TAE

Contact Telephone: 08 6244 4370

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