Galactic® Co-operative is a WA-based, socially responsible, worker-owned technology business based in Perth, Western Australia.

We are providing advanced technical expertise across multiple industries.

Galactic® Scientific's multidisciplinary team can provide a variety of maintenance, repair and training services to all forms of laboratories and to the broadcast and telecommunications industries.

Galactic® Workplace Wellbeing offers workplace wellbeing consulting and training.

Galactic® Sustainability offers advice, training, policy planning and development on: waste and resource management; energy efficiency related to buildings, interiors and machinery; low resource waste and use lifestyle; circular material flows and Zero Waste.

Testimonials for Galactic® Scientific

“Galactic provide with a fast, friendly and professional service. A great asset!”

Rick Pearce MRACI CChem, Technical/Quality Manager, ICP Specialist, Jinning Testing & Inspection

Anonymous Customer Satisfaction Comments:

"Wanted to pass on many thanks for the effort to get the pycnometers serviced and operational. Instrument is running well. Thanks again to the team, Andrew"

"Great! I was very happy with the response we received! Best wishes, Wendy"

"Your engineer has been great to deal with, while explaining things very clearly and simply. "

"Your technician has again got us back up and running in incredible time! "

"Great fast service very efficient even though the office is far away."

"Galactic was very fast in getting back to me and very concise with what repairs where required. "

"Extremely well presented training. Good use of visual aids, practical demonstrations and theory."

Testimonials for Galactic® Workplace Wellbeing

"“Stephanie from Galactic really knows her stuff. She’s helped us upgrade our health and safety management system. As this project coincided with the coronavirus crisis, she also kindly provided us with useful policy and checklists to help us ensure the wellbeing of staff working from home. She’s reliable, professional and a real pleasure to work with.”

Kathleen Burton, CEO, Perth City Farm

Testimonials for Galactic® Sustainability

"Just want to say thank you so much for your workshop at CREEC. It has made a massive impact in our family life. It gave me such a shock to realise that we are only putting a small bag or 2 in each week into our bin best of all, I would be hard pressed to say what has changed in our lifestyle to achieve this! Still a long way to go on our journey but am loving it.

It has also inspired me (Urban Revolution as well ) to look into making a 'reclaimed' range of bags to sell. Several made from Op shop gleanings have sold already. Next year my website will hopefully be stocking new produce & shopping bags. The lunch bag fundraiser is up & running & I'm looking forward to getting feedback on the product. When I found a lady who has a phenomenal range of bush tucker products I started experimenting with Raspberry Wattle bees wax wraps as well. I am having so much fun with sustainable living

Before your workshop I thought sustainable living would be painful & limiting. Now I know it opens up so many other possibilities & a richer lifestyle with just a few adjustments Thank you"

Lara, Participant in the Galactic® Sustainability "Towards Lower Waste Living" Course