Galactic® Co-operative is a WA-based, socially responsible, worker-owned technology business based in Perth, Western Australia.

We are providing advanced technical expertise across multiple industries.

Galactic® Scientific's multidisciplinary team can provide a variety of maintenance, repair and training services to all forms of laboratories and to the broadcast and telecommunications industries.

Galactic® Workplace Wellbeing offers workplace wellbeing consulting and training.

Galactic® Sustainability offers advice, training, policy planning and development on: waste and resource management; energy efficiency related to buildings, interiors and machinery; low resource waste and use lifestyle; circular material flows and Zero Waste.

Our Management Team

Andrea Biondo | Founder & Governing Fellow

Andrea Biondo is a Physicist looking for something useful to do that would change the world for the better. Working for multinational corporations and universities was OK for him for a while, but aside from solving some tricky technical problems for industry, the world didn’t seem to be getting much better for all his efforts. After a lot of research in the organisational psychology peer reviewed journals, it became clear that the very structure of most large organisations prevented them from doing much good, so a better way had to be found, which he did. Create a cooperative, remove inequality, fairly distribute the rewards and risk of shared capital by uttering the words, “I want to create a technology worker owned cooperative”. Words became actions and Galactic Cooperative was born. The world, (at least this small part of it), is now a better place! Mission accomplished. Now the work really begins….making this grow and sprout in other places. Creating Galactic® Co-operative was a certainty for Andrea, and at least another 4 members were needed to create his dream.

Kate Biondo | Co-Founder, CEO & Governing Fellow

Kate Biondo, is Andrea’s ‘partner in life’ and was keen to join him and has taken seriously the role of administration and coordination throughout the business. Kate helps with any logistics needed to suit the requirements of each new endeavour we approach. From marketing to banking requirements, insurances and supplier accounts, billing, invoices and filing, to making cups of tea and supplying delicious things to eat. Before going into business with Galactic®, Kate was a sole trader in the landscaping industry where bookkeeping and logistics/project management were key skills and included O H & S. Kate’s ability to get along with others has made her invaluable in networking circles. In time Kate hopes to limit her time working in the business and spend more time on the business and see many of her duties be taken up by other dedicated members.

Dr Kate Ringvall | Co-Founder, Head of Sustainability & Governing Fellow

Dr Kate Ringvall is a leader in the Sustainability field and has been for more than 20 years working, studying and exploring the many facets that make up Sustainability as we know it today. Her first job as a graduate was in a recycling processing plant in Fremantle, and Kate remains an avid recycler! Kate has a Masters in Public Policy and a PhD in Planning; and her areas of expertise are in Circular Economy, Sustainability in Business, Sustainable Urban Planning, Sustainable Cities, Sustainable Transport, Transit Orientated Development, and Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment. Kate has worked for Governments at all levels, large corporations, and universities. She has experience implementing and integrating sustainability principles and practices. Kate is also a Founder and Governing Fellow of the Galactic Cooperative, who are leading the way for the development of a Circular Economy in WA.

Adam Binks | Accountant & Governing Fellow

Having served as accountant for Galactic® Scientific and Galactic® Co-operative since its inception, Adam has committed to join the co-operative as a member and Governing Fellow at the September 2018 AGM. Adam has run his own accounting and bookkeeping practice for the last 10 years, going by the name of Regeneration Business Services. Adam met Andrea in 1987 when they both went through a technician apprenticeship with Telstra. After a 13 year career with Telstra, culminating in stints in Melbourne helping set up an Australia-wide Operations Centre, and Sydney, assisting at the 2000 Olympics, Adam left to return to University and study to become an accountant. After 7 years of working in public practice, Adam made the move into business ownership. He is currently working with Galactic Co-operative to ensure the business adheres to the necessary financial compliance requirements. In his spare time Adam enjoys performing with his band The White Pointerz .