Galactic® Co-operative is a WA-based, socially responsible, worker-owned technology business based in Perth, Western Australia.

We are providing advanced technical expertise across multiple industries.

Galactic® Scientific's multidisciplinary team can provide a variety of maintenance, repair and training services to all forms of laboratories and to the broadcast and telecommunications industries.

Galactic® Workplace Wellbeing offers workplace wellbeing consulting and training.

Galactic Sustainability offers advice, training, policy planning and development on: waste and resource management; energy efficiency related to buildings, interiors and machinery; low resource waste and use lifestyle; circular material flows and Zero Waste.

Our History

January 2017

Galactic® Co-operative was formed in January 2017. it evolved from the sole trading business of Andrea Biondo, a founding member of Galactic® Co-operative. As a physicist employed by multinational corporations and universities, Andrea worked with teams of bright young people, solving advanced technical problems to much success. Unfortunately, the technical successes of Andrea and his teams did not translate into improved satisfaction for him and his team members. This inspired Andrea to start research in organisational psychology and eventually lead him to realise that the very structure of most large organisations prevented them from doing much good. As a result, Galactic® Cooperative was created as an attempt to remove inequality and fairly distribute the rewards and risk of shared capital.

October 2017

Galactic Co-operative has started getting involved with Repair Lab. We volunteered our time on a Saturday afternoon for the first pilot Repair Lab held in East Victoria Park. It was very satisfying to help the community doing what we love doing. We normally fix things within the Mining, Geo Lab and Pathology areas, big, expensive equipment. To help someone with their toaster or their electric scooter, is such a buzz as they are so please to have their favourite toaster back and we get all the gratitude and praise! As a co-operative it is very important for us to give back and be involved with our community. Thank you Repair Lab for having us.

June 2018

The business car got transformed into the Galactic Mobil.

August 2018

Galactic® moved to new premises at 1/113 President Street, Welshpool. The premises have both a nice big workshop and an office area. And we were able to add a nap room for your members and employees as part of our employee wellbeing initiative.

October 2018

A delegation of Galactic® personnel facilitated a workshop at the inaugural New Economy Network Symposium in Perth, encouraging participants to envision the place that a co-operative approach could have in their business or venture.

December 2018

Galactic® joined the YourMove initiative to increase active transport to and from work, encouraging our members and employees to e.g. cycle or walk.

January 2019

Galactic® joined the Adopt a Spot initiative and are looking after a stretch for President Street, regularly cleaning the verge.

February 2019

A representative of Galactic® spoke at the Perth Green Drinks event, themed "Out of Perth", focussing on the role of a co-operative business structure in the sustainability landscape.

March 2019

Galactic® became a recognised Healthy Workplace. To read more about Galactic's workplace health and wellbeing initiative, please visit our workplace wellbeing page or check out Healthier Workplace WA talking about us on their website.

June 2019

We won the Switch Your Thinking Award for our groundbreaking Sealed® PC and were honoured by a visit from the Mayor and a blog post on the Victoria Park website.

In the photo from left to right: Town of Victoria Park Mayor Karen Vernon and Stephanie Black holding the award; Kate and Andrea Biondo showing off Galactic's flagship Sealed® PC, photo courtesy of David Baylis - Community News.

April 2019

Galactic® were finalists in the Vic Park Business Awards in the category Digital Innovation.

July 2019

First Gen3 Galactic® Sealed PC installed at Intertek.

August 2019

Galactic started running the Towards Lower Waste Living course, with Kat presenting the inaugural event at City of Canning. It is exciting to be delving into a new space with our sustainability courses.

September 2019

Galactic® Co-Operative sponsored the Perth book launch event for Dr Katherine Trebeck's "The Economics of Arrival: Ideas for a Grown-Up Economy".

October 2019

Galactic® personnel once again facilitated a discussion at the New Economy Network's annual conference, this time on the transition to a co-operative structure.

October 2019

Galactic® won the WA Health & Safety Excellence Award in the category "Best Workplace Health and Wellbeing Initiative". To read more about Galactic's workplace health and wellbeing initiative, please visit our workplace wellbeing page.

October 2019

Galactic® went on a team building retreat in the South West of Perth.

March 2019

Galactic® got upgraded from SILVER to GOLD Healthy Workplace. To read more about Galactic's workplace health and wellbeing initiative, please visit our workplace wellbeing page or check out Healthier Workplace WA talking about us on their website.

July 2020

Galactic® is very proud to have been awarded the Vic Park Business Award in the category Digital Innovation. Thank you #TownofVicPark and congratulation to all winners and participants! Great effort everyone to make it work despite COVID-19!