Intelligent Networking and Computing Lab.

(INCLab, 정보통신연구실)

Welcome to INC Lab.

Welcome to Intelligent Networking & Computing Laboratory (INC Lab) in the School of Computing at Gachon University.

We have been working in next-generation wireless networking and mobile computing technologies, and AI-based ubiquitous and wireless sensing systems. More specifically, we design and develop mobile and wireless IoT systems with on-device AI capabilities to enable ubiquitous sensing and event detections such as motion, gesture recognition and biometric measurement.


next-generation networking

mobile computing

Wi-Fi sensing

Research Interest:

  • Wireless systems and networking: next-generation wireless network technologies and physical-layer informed mobile applications like Wi-Fi Sensing.

  • Mobile and ubiquitous computing: ubiquitous and wireless sensing systems for healthcare, mobile interaction, etc

주요 연구 분야:

  • 차세대 통신 시스템 및 무선 네트워크: 차세대 통신/네트워크 기술 연구

  • 모바일 컴퓨팅 및 지능형 사물인터넷: 무선 센싱 시스템 및 AI기반 응용 기술

We are looking for self-motivated (undergraduate/graduate) students to work on research projects in networking, mobile computing, IoT systems and machine learning. Please feel free to contact prof. Choi by e-mail (

학/석사연계, 석사, 또는 박사 과정 지원에 관심이 있는 학생은 연락 바랍니다.

혜택: 석사과정 등록금 전액 (성적 무관, 논문출판요건), 월 120만원 이상 활동비, 국내/해외 학술대회 파견, 대외 교육비 지원 등