Resources for The Ascenders

This information and these files will be updated periodically. Please contact Gabi Ford ( with any questions or updates. Thank you!

Our upline Superstar Diamond coach, Jenelle Summers, has put together more training information, videos, and tools than you could ever imagine and she's graciously invited ANYONE to use it all! Please check out her site and let me know if you have any questions!

These are the recordings and notes from the weekly team calls hosted by Gabriella and Curt for our team. Feel free to share these with your own coaches!

Success Club information - Success Club is the cornerstone of your business!

If you strive to hit Success Club and, when your coaches are ready, help them do the same, you'll naturally see your income and rank grow. It's all about helping others!

Internet and Social Media How-tos

Bulleted Basics (everything you need to know about coaching)

3 Day Coaching Sneak Peek Template

Rank Information

Rank Basics (FAQ 1512)