Cadet Gazette

Super... Bowl?

Are we sure it actually happened?

By Alexa Kelly

Varsity Athletics Weekly Schedule

Updated by Kayla Holley

Weekly review installment 2

By Madame Orange and the Timepiece

Leaving in 2016

By: Corey Cesare

What does being a cadet mean to you?

Link to WAVE exclusive video!

Produced By Kayla Holley

Weekly Super good review

"All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies." -KV

By Madame Orange and the Timepiece

Band Concert, Newspaper.mp4

Your Fav Hair Styles Gone Easy

Written By Kayla Holley


By Kenzie Fay

Election Day: The Polls

By Lauren Morris

Welcome Fest

Inside welcome fest and a video brought to you by students of the wave

Story by Ashley Siegel and video by Corey Cesare

A Friendly Back to School PSA

Brought to you by Alexa Kelly and the Newspaper Staff

Expectations Vs. Reality

What becoming a high school freshman is really like at HHS

By Lauren Morris