Cadet Gazette

Three Years in a few words

A retelling of two seniors' three years in newspaper

By Alexa Kelly and Nora McIntyre

IB exams are coming...

Tips from an IB Diploma candidate on how YOU can be ready for your IB tests

by Alexa Kelly

And... That's a wrap

By: Corey Cesare


A Dream Come True review

By Ana Rivera, Lauren Morris, and Mackenzie Fay

Think Shakespeare's Useless? Think Again

You quote Shakespeare every day.

by Alexa Kelly

Books for Kids

by Nora McIntyre

Bathrooms in Crisis?

By Adam Sheelar

Super... Bowl?

Are we sure it actually happened?

By Alexa Kelly

Varsity Athletics Weekly Schedule

Updated by Kayla Holley

Weekly review installment 2

By Madame Orange and the Timepiece

Leaving in 2016

By: Corey Cesare

What does being a cadet mean to you?

Link to WAVE exclusive video!

Produced By Kayla Holley

Weekly Super good review

"All of the true things I am about to tell you are shameless lies." -KV

By Madame Orange and the Timepiece

Band Concert, Newspaper.mp4

Your Fav Hair Styles Gone Easy

Written By Kayla Holley


By Kenzie Fay

Election Day: The Polls

By Lauren Morris

Welcome Fest

Inside welcome fest and a video brought to you by students of the wave

Story by Ashley Siegel and video by Corey Cesare

A Friendly Back to School PSA

Brought to you by Alexa Kelly and the Newspaper Staff

Expectations Vs. Reality

What becoming a high school freshman is really like at HHS

By Lauren Morris