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G2EXIM Inc. understands the dynamics of representing boutique wineries from California into the Japanese and Chinese markets. In order keep with diverse demands in international wine consumer industry, we have invested significant amount of time and energy into developing meaningful relationships with our portfolio partners and our consumers. We are founded on the principle of specialization and flexibility in an ever-changing market. 

We handle all aspects of exporting, from freight logistics and compliance paperwork for customs clearance. 

Our mission is to be the permier California wine exporter and distributor in the Asian markets.



2720 Oak View Road, Templeton, California 93465

Located in the quaint hills in Paso Robles, California, Donati Family Vineyard has been transforming the Paso Robles wine industry by storm. Briana Heywood, head winemaker, has brought in her extensive winemaking experience and knowledge from world class producers such as J Lohr, Eberle Winery and Gallo Vineyards with the Donati Family since 2016.  Her persistent commitment to quality can be seen in the hand-crafted juice that comes from this winery. 

Ron and Mark Donati started the first vineyard in Paicines, Califorina in 1998 in an effort to bring quality fruit to the California wine market. In 2003, the family decided to bring their own wines onto the market. Since the first introduction of their wines, they have expanded their production by opening their Templeton (Paso Robles AVA) winery and thus far has expanded their brand into 35 global markets. 

Their wines are unique, such as their Claret, one of the last remaining wineries in California allowed to use the term 'Claret'. There are deep roots into the family history, such as their fruit forward Cabernet Sauvignon 'Ezio', after the first generation Italian American ancestors, or their Merlot based 'The Immigrant'. 

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