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一、 人類最古老又美麗的文化符號甲骨文,與主導全球話語的國際語言的英文字母,建構成元智大學國際語言文化中心的圖騰。這是擁抱傳統與現代、東方結合西方的象徵

二、 中英語文都是最強大的國際語言文字。兩者的整合,產生強大的文化軟權力,

三、 甲骨文在上,英文字母在下,説明以中華語言與文化爲主體,加上英文的基礎,我們將具有最強大的國際競爭力。

Formation and Symbolism of ILCC Logo

1. The logo of ILCC is formed by a unique combination of four ancient Chinese scripts on oracle bones and four modern English alphabets. These two elements show that the Center embraces tradition and modern, East and West.

2. Both Chinese and English are the most widely used languages of the world today. They are representation of globalization and internationalization.

3. The Chinese scripts occupy the above and central part of the logo while the English is lying below. The formation shows that when a person is well educated with Chinese language and culture and equipped with the English language, he would be very competitive in the age of globalization.