CAA Education Committee Session 2021

Session Abstract

For practitioners of art, art history, and design, teaching remotely presents challenges to what was considered possible in these diverse fields. Although the fields of art and design have maintained efforts to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, certain pedagogical experiences were thought to be sacred, necessitating face-to-face interaction. In the move to emergency remote instruction, during a remarkable period in history, art and design education shifted methods of delivery to replace experiences and practices that were heretofore unthinkable. These reimagined policies necessitated a new level of assessment regarding online/remote teaching.

After a presentation of emergency remote assessment in action, members of the Education Committee of the College Art Association will lead group discussion and brainstorming sessions that address emergency remote assessment of unusual pedagogical practices and experiences. Facilitated breakout sessions will address assessment of studio teaching in the pandemic, advantages and disadvantages of the discussion board platform and ways to assess online participation, using learning-management-system-provided metrics to assess online courses, and facilitating and assessing student-led critique. Virtual break-out groups are expected to propose or begin work on a deliverable that can be shared with CAA participants.

Join us for the Live Q&A session held on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

About the CAA Education Committee

The Education Committee promotes the visual arts as an essential aspect of human activity; as a creative endeavor and subject of cultural and historical inquiry and critical appreciative activity, and encourages excellence in teaching at all levels. Its focus is on pedagogy at the higher education level in art history, visual culture, studio, aesthetics, and art criticism, and on the interface between arts teaching and learning research and practice.

To learn more about the Education Committee's activities, please see our committee webpage.