PART A [15 - 17 JULY 2020]
PART B [23 - 24 JULY 2020]

Organized by Faculty Development Academy, Suranaree University of Technology, Thailand


According to the Professor Dr. Wichit Sri-saarn (Chairman of SUT Councils & the 1st Principal Fellow of HEA in Thailand) leads the international standard framework be the baseline of teaching quality of SUT lecturers. STARS is an international standard training curriculum that were initiated in 2017. It was developed based on the co-operation agreement between "Advance Higher Education (Advance HE) of United Kingdom (previously, The Higher Education Academy (HEA)" and Suranaree University of Technology (SUT). STARS is a intensive training course that aim to give knowledge about good manner to be the good teacher correspond with "UK Professional Standards Framework" (UKPSF). Moreover, the SUT participant who meet the criteria of STARS curriculum will recognized as "Associate Fellow of HEA" (AFHEA). Currently, this program are progress under the responsible of Faculty Development Academy, Academic Affair & Internationalization.


  1. Be the Full-time lecturer or Full-time supporting staff of SUT (In another case, will underneaths the considerate & agreement of STARS committees)

  2. Have the experience of teaching is at least a semester. (Teaching experience from another higher education institute could present and related to SUT's employee status)

  3. Should having the teaching responsible on "Overall a course". However, if responsible in some part of course, It should be more than one-time teaching in a course (should be show sequence of teaching process)

  4. Must have participate in both parts of STARS program at least 80% of training time

  5. Participated in "Micro teaching" section is a basic requirement for give feedback process. Slide preparation should be in English language, however participants could present by Thai and/or English language.


  1. Having the knowledge of good teaching practices based on the (UK Professional Standards Framework)

  2. Having the knowledge of teaching from Senior lecturer who be the SUT's outstanding teacher

  3. These basic knowledge can use to improve your teaching expericence and extended to apply for higher level of UKPSF descriptors

  4. SUT provided the financial supporting for AHE Fellowship application fee (SUT Announcement 17/09/2019)

  5. SUT provided the Fellowship compensation from all Full-time SUT lecturer and Full-time supporting staff whos were recognized as Fellowship of AHE (SUT Announcement 19/01/2020)

  6. Having good opportunity be to a member of STARS lecturer team, STARS Mentors, Guest speaker and/or to be STARS Assessors (or more advance possible to apply as part of Advance HE team).


[Prapat Pentamwa]

(Asst.Prof.Dr, Acting Head of FDA)

Lecturer of Environmental Health,
Institute of Public Health

[Issra Pramoolsook]

(Asst.Prof.Dr, SFHEA)

Lecturer of Foreign Language,
Institute of Social Technology

[Nalin Sittitoon]

(SFHEA, Associate Dean of Public Health)

Lecturer of Environmental Health,
Institute of Public Health

[Khanidtha Meevasana]

(Asst.Prof.Dr, FHEA)

Lecturer of
Occupational health and safety,
Institute of Public Health

[Theeranun Siritanon]

(Asst.Prof.Dr, SFHEA)
Lecturer of Chemistry,
Institute of Science

[Suwit Suthirakun]

(Asst.Prof.Dr, FHEA)
Lecturer of Chemistry,
Institute of Science

[Anyanee Kamkaew]

(Asst.Prof.Dr, FHEA)
Lecturer of Chemistry,
Institute of Science

[Colin Thomas Strine]

(Dr., FHEA)
Lecturer of Biology,
Institute of Science


[PART A: 15-17 July 2020]


A large room meeting of Academic Building No.2. It suitable for meeting and can re-alignment as the classroom that can contain totally 70 persons. However, with the social distancing this room could arrange for 30 persons per class.

[PART B: 23-24 July 2020]


This is a luxury meeting room of Surasamanakhan that can contain totoally 50 persons in normal situation.In case social-distancing, it can re-arrange for 30 persons per class. Moreover, it consist of high quality of media equipment supporting. With the best service quality of Surasamankhan, SUT.