Hello, and welcome to the new school year! I am married and have 3 children. We raise German Wirehair hunting dogs, and enjoy the outdoors.

I am looking for motivated and cooperative learners in my classes. I have certain expectations and guidelines for students, as shown below.

Mrs. Salo--Science

Grading Policy All grades are based on a total point system and the following percentages.

A+ 100% D+ 66.5%

A 92.5% D 62.5%

A- 89.5% D- 59.5%

B+ 86.5% Failing = Anything below 59.4%

B 82.5%

B- 79.5%

C+ 76.5%

C 72.5%

C 69.5%

Assignment Policy

1. Students are to complete work on their own, unless instructed otherwise.

2. Each day an assignment is handed in late, 5 points will be deducted from the correct score.

3. No retests are given in this class. Studying for chapter tests is encouraged.

4. No "EXTRA CREDIT" is given in this class. Don't ASK.

5. Lab Activities--equipment and supplies ( including FOOD items) are to be used properly and not eaten.


1. After school "Academic Detention" will be assigned, until the work is made up.

2. Parents or guardians will be notified.

3. If a failing grade is earned, a student is encouraged to attend after school services on Tues. and Thurs.

4. Cheating or Plagiarism will result in a ZERO for that assignment or test.

5. Improper use of lab equipment or supplies will result in a ZERO for that activity.


1. Students are to be respectful and cooperative so everyone has the opportunity to learn.

2. Damaging school property or another students property will result in a fine or replacement of the item damaged.

3. Be on time to class, and bring supplies with you, unless instructed otherwise.

4. Electronic devices are to be placed in the pouch during class.

Please contact me if there are any concerns about your child, or any planned vacations during the school year. I look forward to visiting with you at Fall Conferences in November.