Mr. Meyer's 5th Grade

Chapter 3 Test

Monday, January 8th

Vocabulary pictures are due tomorrow if they were not finished in class.

Class pictures are on Wednesday. A form was sent home on Friday.

Full band is Tuesday. Students can leave instruments in school for pictures on Wednesday.

Friday, December 1st

Reading calendars need to be turned in as soon as possible.

Both reading classes have their literacy circle homework due on Monday.

New spelling words were given out.

Chapter 2 Social Test

Tuesday, November 28th

Social test is tomorrow.

Reading calendars are due on Friday, December 1st for those in my reading class.

Monday, November 27th

Vocabulary pictures are due tomorrow.

Afternoon reading class will have their final spelling test on Thursday.

Band concert is Friday, December 1st.

Remember: Social test is this Wednesday. Study guides were sent home last week.

Wednesday, November 22nd

New spelling lists are handed out.

Social study guides are handed out. Test is next Wednesday.

No school until Monday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 21st

Anyone that wants to do the spelling extra credit crossword, that is due tomorrow.

Morning reading: written spelling words are due tomorrow.

Morning and afternoon reading: articles on Vasco da Gama are due tomorrow.

Monday, November 20th

Afternoon spelling class: Write each word 10 times from week 12 for full credit. We will not have a test.

Wednesday, November 9th

There is no school Friday.

Parent/Teacher conferences are tonight. Email me if you need a reminder of your time.

Spelling lists will be handed out today for next week.

Friday, November 3rd

No spelling next week.

No school on Monday.

End of the quarter is today.

Students have November reading calendars.

Check students folders nightly.

Picture retake is Tuesday, November 7th.

Wednesday, November 1st

October reading calendars are due by Friday or the will be a 0/25.

Picture retakes are November 7th.

Late/missing work is due by Friday or it will be zeros.

This is the last week to bring in change to support our food shelves. Clean out the couches!

Monday, October 30th

Vocabulary Pictures are due tomorrow.

Halloween stories need to by typed tomorrow so we can read them to the class.

Tomorrow you are allowed to dress up for the day. Costumes need to be school appropriate according to the student handbook.

If students want to bring a treat tomorrow, they are welcome to do so for the party.

Tomorrow is the last day in October which means... reading calendars are due Wednesday.

Student Leadership

Thursday, October 26th

Morning reading: finish vocabulary.

Afternoon reading: finish writing stories.

School play tomorrow at 8:45.

Bring in change for "We Scare Hunger".

Spelling final test is tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 24th

Wear orange tomorrow!

Bring change in for "We Scare Hunger"

Being I was gone on Monday the test was today for social.

Full band tomorrow!

Social Test

*** There is a social test on Monday! The students had a study guide handed to them and should be at home to study from. Please look over it.


Tuesday, October 3rd

Picture day is tomorrow!


  • Scholastic News is homework if not complete.
  • Spelling pretest is tomorrow as well


  • Social worksheet is due tomorrow if not finished.
  • We will continue in lesson 1.

Homecoming Week!

Monday: Color day... White!

Tuesday: Tourist Day

Wednesday: Workout Wednesday

Thursday: Pajama Day

Friday: School Spirit Day

Thursday, September 14th


  • We took the aReading test today so there is no homework
  • Study for spelling tomorrow. Mrs. Brown will be giving the test.


  • We finished presentations today.
  • Finish the Geography Worksheet. Due tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 13th


  • Vocabulary words are due tomorrow morning.
  • Study spelling words for Friday.
  • Fill out reading calendar at home.


  • We will finished presentations tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 12th


  • Vocabulary homework will be assigned tomorrow.
  • Finish DLR if not complete.
  • Reading calendars need to be filled out at home! This is worth 25 points at the end of the month.
  • Spelling pretest is tomorrow.


  • Map presentation needs to be ready to go by tomorrow. Many groups are already finished and ready.