Berkner STEM Pathways

Future-Ready: STEM for All

When looking at Richardson Area's Workforce demands, quite a few careers stand out. Based on our findings and research, these pathways align with the needs and will prepare our students to grow and succeed in the global society.

Potential CareersAirline Pilot, Aircraft Maintenance, Aerospace Engineer & Drone Aircraft Pilot

Aviation & Aeronautical Science

Aviation is about more than becoming a pilot. Learn the inner workings and science behind how airplanes function from nose to tail. Use flight simulators, drones, and aircraft parts to put your education into practice as you work towards your pilot license. The overall goal of the Berkner Aviation Program is to make connections between Aviation and STEM content.


Potential CareersMicrobiologist, Forensics, Biomedical Engineer, Doctor & Nurse

Biotechnology & Health Science

Biotechnology allows you to make new and improved products from living organisms. Use forensic investigation kits that study crime scenes to examine DNA and eco-zones designed to help you understand the complex interactions between ecosystems. You will be getting practical application and exposure in this new and growing field in science.


Potential CareersProgrammer, Computer Information Technician & Cybersecurity Analyst


Computer networks operate and protect all of our information. This is a powerful and vulnerable environment. Classes will focus on preparing you to enter into a career in prevention and repairing security breaches. Use computer programming, advanced software, and physical networking tools to find the most efficient path to eliminate weaknesses in computer systems.


Potential CareersRobotics, Mechanical Engineer, Mechatronics & Computer Aided Drafting

Engineering & Robotics

Challenge yourself to make the engineering design process a natural habit. Go through activities in building, drawing, and programming to understand what you are capable of and what technology can help you accomplish. Learn engineering computer skills and tools to help you create your ideas using 3D printers and robotics kits. By the end of our robotics pathway, you will be able to take on higher level problems with creativity and tenacity.


Potential CareersCinema Production, Sound Engineer, Composer, Director & Performer

Global Arts & Communication

Captivate your audience with digital media or live performance. Create your own film, from pre-production to filming on set and use industry standard equipment and advanced software. Perfect your artistry and sound for that mesmerizing concert. Communicate your voice, instrument or visual art to a global audience.


Potential CareersProject Manager, Business Administration, Accounting & Finance

STEM Management

The business world is changing. Technology and engineers are in every corner of the office. Someone needs to be able to communicate, manage, and lead them effectively. STEM Management focuses on critical thinking skills and logistics to help you become an essential leader in the growing technology-infused workplace. Learn how technical careers function and engineer solutions to be successful.