Badger Springs

Computer Lab Sign-Up

Computer Lab Policies

    • Please only teachers/staff members who need to use the computer lab should sign up. Do not plan for a substitute to use the computer lab.
    • Please leave the computer lab in the condition you found it in. If you find broken or malfunctioning equipment, please email Dr. Norwood with the specific details.
    • Do not leave the doors to the computer lab open/unlocked or propped open.
    • If you need access to the computer lab, please speak with (or email) Dr. Norwood. A campus supervisor may be available to let you in but don't count on it.
    • Please respect other teachers and don't sign up for more than one day per week. If you need more days, email Dr. Norwood.
    • Please monitor your students. If equipment gets damaged it is costly to repair.

Note: To be added to the computer lab schedule, please fill out the form or send an email to