Welcome to

the Pack!

Mrs. Pfeiff's 2nd Grade

Hello students and parents! Welcome back to school and welcome to second grade!! I am so excited to be working with you all this year!!

Below you will find a few things we will be looking at during our first week. I am not sure how much we will be using our website this year - we will go with the flow! -Mrs. Pfeiff

Welcome to the pack!!
Mrs. Pfeiff
Learn This Year
Give Me Five PPT

Active Listening - When I say "Give Me Five", these are the things I will be looking for.

You are Awesome!!

Wolf for Sue

Healthy Habits


Rock Out!!!

Hey Sea Lions, this is a song just for you!!

What do you think this sea otter is eating? Sure is loud!!

Here's a song about another animal in our ocean ecosystem.

Check out this crazy creature!

What do you think squid do all day long? Listen to this song to find out!

Blub Blub Blub Blub...

Who has it? Mrs. Pfeiff has it!

Yum, yum! Delicious!! What is a whale's food chain?

What do whales eat? Why do you think there is so much of it in Alaska in the summer?