Week #23, January 30-February 3

*Cross Country Skiing T, W, Th 3:15-4:15
Opinion Writing
*Direct & Indirect Objects

What can YOU do this week to show kindness?

Challenge: Make a list of things you can do to be kind. Check an item off once you've accomplished it. See how many you completed by the end of the week and share it on our "What's Going on in 310" bulletin!

Mrs. Beck's contact information:

email: jean.garcia@g.kpbsd.org

phone: 701.446.8068

My office hours are Monday-Friday, 3:00-3:30.

Beck Bucks
$300 Incentives (1 per week)

*Coffeehouse on any day (make during lunch)
*Stay in for Recess on T or Th
*Bring a stuffed animal
*Wear a hat in the classroom all day

Mrs. Beck's Family

Linken is our husky mix. Lulu is a Rex and Lily is a Satin.

My husband's name is Coty. He is the Middle School/High School P.E. Teacher.

My kids are Landen (6th grade), Layken (4th grade), and Lawsen (3rd grade).

Corrections for Geography Hunt 5

Corrections for Geography Hunt 7


  1. Get into your assigned groups.

  2. Choose which students will perform the following jobs:
    a) Googler b) writer c) drawer
    d) presenter

  3. Work with your groupmates to find information on your topic.

Week #22 Liberty's Kids

At the Battle of Long Island, Washington fights the British in open field battles -- with catastrophic results (8/27-29/76). His troops in disarray and his spirit nearly broken, the Commander vows to avoid open field battles and to instead borrow war tactics from the Indians. After the battle of Kip’s Bay, the British take New York City (9/15/76). In New York City, Sarah stays with her mother’s friend Mrs. Radcliffe and reports on the loyalist point of view. James escapes across the East River to Manhahattan Island with the Continental army under cover of night.