November 29- December 3:
Monday/Wednesday- Guest Sean Ulman 1:45
*Mrs. Beck gone on Tuesday- Mrs. Haas Substitute (NO COMPUTER DAY!)

Mrs. Beck's contact information:


phone: 701.446.8068

My office hours are Monday-Friday, 3:00-3:30.

Class Dojo Rewards:
Students earn points when they are at school! Here are prizes they may choose once they earn 20:

*Coffeehouse on any day except Friday

*PJs and blanket *Stay in for Recess on T or Th

*Bring a stuffed animal *Assignment Pass

*Wear a hat in the classroom all day

Hand Washing

We will be washing our hands EVERY time we enter the classroom! When soap and water are not available, we will use hand sanitizer. When we walk in the hallways, we will put our hands behind us, duck-tail style, in order to keep them clean for our next destination.

Mrs. Beck's Family

Linken is our husky mix. She loves walks and people who don't mind getting her hair all over their pants!

Lulu is our bunny. She loves to chew on cardboard, cabbage, and sometimes, cotton shirts!

My husband's name is Coty. He is the Middle School/High School P.E. Teacher.

My kids are Landen (5th grade), Layken (3rd grade), and Lawsen (2nd grade).