Seahawk New Tech

Innovate. Engage. Empower

Our Vision:

Reshaping ordinary education for extraordinary results

Our Mission:

Innovate. Engage. Empower.







Teaching that ENGAGES

Seahawk New Tech (SNT) is a new approach to high school that emphasizes project-based learning in a technology-rich environment. We are a school within a school transition program for all 9th grade students. Instead of what you might have experienced in your previous education, Seahawk New Tech students collaborate in content through authentic, relevant, and meaningful projects that require critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and communication.

Seahawk New Tech creates a learning environment where the question,

“Why do we need to learn this?” disappears.

This method of teaching and learning empowers students to take charge of their own learning and have a voice in their educational experience. Teachers become ‘facilitators’, providing a framework for learning that better prepares students for success in a 21st century world in a globally competitive economy. Seahawk New Tech students acquire the skills to work both in teams and independently by completing rigorous real-world assignments and projects that prepare them for college settings and occupational workplace environments.

Technology that ENABLES

Seahawk New Tech is a 1:1 personalized digital learning computer model through the use of Dell Latitudes. This allow us to focus on the role that technology can play to enhance rigorous learning experiences. These experiences allow students to engage in programs such as Canva, iMovie, Nearpod, PowToons, virtual reality, etc. Our students are able to develop a skill set that enables them to be thoughtful leaders in a technology driven world.

Culture that EMPOWERS

  • Students learn how to become an advocate of their own learning and participate in what Seahawk New Tech calls “Trust, Respect, and Responsibility.”

  • The small teacher to student ratio and personal relationships with facilitators create an environment in which students feel empowered

  • This year, Seahawk New Tech partnered with local community members from Leadership Grand Strand, to serve as mentors and liasans for our students and our facilitators.

Outcomes that MATTER

Students in Seahawk New Tech are graded on five school-wide learning outcomes that are vital to success in any educational setting, workplace, or industry. Our current schoolwide learning outcomes are:

    • Knowledge & Thinking (High Grade)

    • Oral Communication (Mid Grade)

    • Collaboration (Low Grade)

    • Written Communication (Mid Grade)

    • Agency (Low Grade)

Through assessments such as End of Course Exams (EOC's) and performance-based assessment tasks, students are asked to both show how they can transfer and how they can deepen their knowledge and understanding across content fields.