STEM is more than just an acronym. STEM is a way of thinking, learning and interacting in today's modern world. In Conway High's STEM Program, students learn through inquiry. Inquiry-based learning allows students to pose questions about real-world issues, to conduct research to answer those questions, to present their findings to others and to then reflect upon what they have learned. Inquiry-based learning allows students to have a choice in what and how they learn, to collaborate with others before, during and after the learning process, and to apply critical thinking skills to communicate with their classmates and industry professionals and to use creativity to solve real-world issues.

Beginning in the 9th grade, students are able to participate in one of 10 STEM majors. These majors are Health Science, Pharmacology Technology, Medical Billing and Coding, PLTW Engineering, PLTW Engineering Scholars, PLTW Biomedical Science, Sports Medicine, Veterinary Science, Horticulture and PLTW Computer Science. Students who participate in the Pharmacology Technology, Medical Billing and Coding and Veterinary Science majors have the opportunity to earn professional credentials that will enable them to leave school and immediately enter the workforce.

STEM Video