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Full Distance Learning (January 4-15, 2021)

Dear HCS Parent,

In reviewing COVID-19 case data for HCS following student holidays, both current positive cases and staff quarantines rose following breaks. Following the Thanksgiving holiday, HCS experienced an increase in COVID-19 positive cases that were dispersed around the District, as well as an increase in the number of staff members placed in quarantine. Though staff quarantines do not mean that individuals placed in quarantine have COVID-19, this safety measure for employees identified as close contacts of a positive case may impact a brick-and-mortar school’s ability to conduct face-to-face classes. Further complicating matters, from December 23, 2020 - January 3, 2021, HCS will not be able to track and record COVID-19 case data as accurately as we would under normal operations.

Given these two factors, a projected rise in COVID-19 cases following the extended holiday break period and the inability to accurately track data with school not in session, as a safety precaution, HCS will operate for the weeks of January 4th - January 8th, and January 11th - January 15th, 2021, on a full-time distance learning model.

During the course of these two weeks of full-time distance learning, school facilities will be closed, and no students will be in the school buildings. All teachers will provide instruction to students through the virtual environment.

Athletic events previously scheduled over the holiday break will continue; however, the District’s Health and Safety Services Department will continue to monitor teams, and should COVID-19 issues arise, individual athletes and/or entire teams may be quarantined. A decision regarding all regularly scheduled athletic and extra-curricular activities for the first two weeks of January will be made and communicated near the end of winter break based upon data available at that time.

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