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Volume I, Issue I - December 2020


Snow Storm 2021

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A few snapshots of the great snow storm that hit the Pacific Northwest over Mid-Winter Break, February 12-13, 2021.

A Journalistic Revival

Dig Deep

Since 1955 the Evergreen Timberlines has been a voice for students, staff and community. These student journalists have taken on the challenge to address issues relevant to the world today in order to inform, educate, enlighten, entertain, and provide multiple viewpoints for students, staff, and the greater White Center community.

Rise Up

The Timberlines staff strive to honestly, accurately, fairly, and impartially report news that is both relevant and newsworthy to the Evergreen community. In service of this, students are given the opportunity to work as reporters and learn skills focusing on creative thinking, teamwork, interviewing, writing, editing, artwork, design, layout and distribution.

Branch Out

Timberlines editors and staff writers encourage the expression of diversity and work towards increasing the scope of our coverage in order to heighten local and global awareness throughout the school community.

Student Centered News

Issues from around White Center and the world written by students, for students, and sometimes even about students.

Climate Change

Wildfires Ravage More Than The Environment

Me Too...

How to Make Life Less Boring During COVID

Lakers Win Championship

3rd Quarter- 2021

3rd Quarter- 2021