In January each year as everyone celebrates a new beginning, schools begin thinking about the new beginning of the next school year.

Starting in February, Hays CISD middle and high school students will begin making their course selections for the 2021-22 school year. Courses that students choose now truly do map their future. This website is designed to help students and parents (1) understand the choices and supports available to them and (2) make decisions around what is best for each student.

Texas high school students have great flexibility and choice in their high school course selections. Each student is required to complete basic classes called "foundation courses." In addition, students choose specialized coursework to earn an endorsement. The five endorsements are: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), Business and Industry, Arts and Humanities, Public Service, and Multidisciplinary Studies. A variety of career pathways, or specific course requirements, are available under the various endorsements. These pathways are organized into career clusters.

The Hays CISD Navigate Your Future guidebook linked in the "Preparation for Success in College and Career" section below will help you understand and select your high school endorsement(s). We hope this guide and the other resources on this website will help you as you chart your course. This is your journey. You are the captain. Where will you go? What will you do? It’s time to navigate your future.

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