Sheri Knight PreAP Biology

Classroom Codes:

  • 1st - 4is0oo
  • 2nd - hozv6v
  • 3rd - ijkge1q
  • 4th - af0w45r
  • 7th - m7jcfsm
syllabus 2019-20.docx

About me:

I graduated from UT Austin with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior. I then worked as a field researcher studying the ecological effects of invasive plant species in the Austin area. I also earned a post- baccalaureate degree in secondary science education from UTeach and am certified to teach all high school science courses.

I taught at Hays HS for 7 years. I have taught preAP biology, on-level biology, and AP biology II; this year I will just be teaching preAP biology. I love to keep my classes fun, yet organized and under control, and with a high level of rigor. I try and do as many lab experiments and hands- on activities as possible. My goal is for students to not only learn biology concepts, but to also learn how to do science and to appreciate the importance of the process.

When not at work I am spending time with my family – my husband, our twins (b/g and starting preschool this year), and our dog Charlie. We love nature, hiking, and just being outdoors. I always look forward to getting to know each of my students!