3rd On-Device Intelligence Workshop
@MLSys 23

Thursday, June 8th, 2023

Miami Convention Center

Ubiquitous on-device artificial intelligence (AI) is the next step in transforming the myriad of mobile computing devices in our everyday lives into a new class of truly “smart” devices capable of constantly observing, learning, and adapting to their environment.  Through advances in AI technology, these intelligent devices will provide proactive assistance and enable new applications, as well as make our lives safer and the world around us more energy efficient.  

Present day AI features, such as voice-based user interfaces on smartphones, often rely on a connection to the cloud.  In contrast, on-device AI promises to increase the energy efficiency, privacy, responsiveness, and autonomy of embedded and edge devices by severing their tether to the cloud. The 3rd on-device intelligence workshop aims to advance the state-of-the-art by bringing together researchers and practitioners to discuss the key problems, disseminate new research results, and provide practical tutorial material.  Due to the multidisciplinary nature of on-device AI, collaboration across the traditional computing stack is crucial.  

We aim to bring together experts to discuss solutions to the following key challenges:

Organizing Committee

Pete Warden

Stanford - Userful Sensors

Brian Plancher

Barnard College, Columbia 

Program Committee

Igor Fedorov - Meta

Shawn Hymel - Edge Impulse

Shvetank Prakash - Harvard University

Zhihe Zhao - Chinese University of Hong Kong

Chuteng Zhou - ARM