EPS Grad Student Resources

Welcome to EPS

Welcome to the Earth and Planetary Sciences Department at Harvard University! In addition to the EPS website, this site will be a central resource for you during your time at Harvard as you work toward completion of your teaching and research requirements. Throughout your graduate career, be sure to regularly consult the EPS Graduate Student Handbook, which contains a description of your program requirements.


Graduate Coordinator:

Sarah Colgan, colgan@eps.harvard.edu

617-496-9770, Hoffman 407

Preceptors: (assistance with teaching assignments)

Esther James, estherkjames@fas.harvard.edu

617-495-0889, GeoMuseum 101a

Annika Quick, annikaquick@fas.harvard.edu

617-496-2292, GeoMuseum 101b

Payroll Coordinator:

Joanne Choi, joanne_choi@harvard.edu

617-496-8436, Hoffman 405

Academic Program Manager:

Chenoweth Moffatt, moffatt@eps.harvard.edu

617-384-9760, Hoffman 402

Field Trip Coordinator:

Danielle Da Cruz, danielledacruz@fas.harvard.edu

617-496-7504, Hoffman 110B