My interest in teaching and pedagogy is an important part of my scholarly identity. My teaching experience has ranged from large intro-level courses to small seminars. As a teaching fellow at Harvard University, I received the Bok Center for Teaching and Learning's Distinction in Teaching Award for multiple courses.

I currently teach as an Adjunct Professor in Calvin University's new Masters in Public and Non-profit Administration Program. In this capacity, I draw on my professional and pedagogical experience to engage students in an examination of public management practices rooted in a faith-based approach to servant leadership.

During my time at Harvard, I enjoyed designing and teaching a sophomore tutorial seminar, "Religion and Democracy: The American Case" (2020 and 2021). Furthermore, I served as Course Director for the sophomore tutorial course in 2021, adapting research skills lesson plans for a range of seminars to the remote learning context and enriching the course content related to qualitative research methods and political theory. Following these efforts, I was honored to receive the Harvard Government Department's Sydney Verba Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching.

I have also served as a Bok Pedagogy Fellow, investing in extensive teaching training. In this role, I worked with peer TFs to improve their teaching through in-person and video observations. As a capstone for this program, I developed a one-page tip sheet for Harvard TFs, "Ideological Conflict in the Classroom."

Teaching Experience

Calvin University:

  • PNA 522- Public Management

Harvard University:

  • Course Director for Gov 97- Sophomore Tutorial (2021)

  • Gov 97- Sophomore Tutorial- Religion and Democracy: The American Case (2020, 2021)

  • Senior Thesis Advising (2018, 2020)

  • Gov 99- Senior Thesis Writers' Seminar (2019)

  • Gov 97- Sophomore Tutorial- The Political Science of Great Issues (2018)

  • Gov 30- American Politics: A New Perspective (2017, 2018- Head TF)