Scrible research tool

Scrible can assist you in many areas of research:

  • Citations for all resources including websites, databases, encyclopedias, books, and more.
  • Export citations into a clean Works Cited page
  • Annotate websites and other digital content with notes, comments, and interactions with other students
  • Take notes on resources that are saved and tied to original resource

Scrible 101 Tutorial: Visit the Media Center eClass page for a FULL TUTORIAL on using Note: You must use your student Google account to for Scrible.

online research library

The Online Research Library is a collection of 50+ databases designed for student exploration and research. Sample databases include ABC-CLIO, Britannica Online School Edition, ScienceFLIX, Biography in Context, and more! To access:

From home: Log in to your student portal. Select "Online Research Library" from the list of apps on the right.

From school: Double-click the "Online Research Library" icon on your desktop.

Additional information about the Online Research Library is located on the Media Center eClass page.