Students will be primarily involved in one or more of the teams, but everyone will help everyone:

  • 3D Design - Autodesk Inventor - these are the folks who design our robot, the closest thing to real engineering work
  • Mechanical Team - Inventory and Build - hands-on development of the robot itself. This will be broken down into subteams once we decide design.
  • Programming Team - Code! - giving a "brain" to the robot, to make it drive, lift, shoot, whatever!
  • Media and Design - Pictures, Social Media - good publicity is fun, and it helps the team a LOT!
  • Scouting and Strategy - How should we play? How are other teams playing, and how should we adjust? How do we pick a teammate for playoffs?
  • Management/Logistics - beyond the build, there are forms, budgets, inventory, ordering and more.

During tournaments, we will have a driving team, pit crew, scouting team (leaders but all will volunteer shifts), spirit and other. Parents are welcome to help us and support the kids! Easy things are helping with food, etc.

Mentors: Mike Reilly - Teacher, John Becker - Teacher, Brad Malta - Meggitt, Brandon Meyers - Teacher, Scott Griggs - Trainz