About us

Team 4509, the "Mechanical Bulls", is a FIRST Robotics team based at Lanier High School in Sugar Hill, GA. We have some roots and connections to Team 1771 from North Gwinnett, and hope to collaborate with them, as well as other GCPS teams.

club vs. team

This year, we want to do things a little differently. We will be branching off into a club and team, where the club will encompass all things technology/engineering related and the team will be strictly FIRST Robotics.

Club leadership positions 2019-20 year

More leadership positions will be added once all of the sub-sections of the club are completely figured out.

President: Connor Latschar

Vice Presidents: Veronica Roberson (Educational) and Lexi Ducote (Business)

Event Coordinator: David Pederson

Club structure 2019-20

The purpose of this club, called TEC Club (TEC standing for Technology, Engineering, and Coding) is to encourage high school students to explore their technology or engineering-based hobbies, ranging from sub-clubs like Game Development, SeaPerch, and Machining.

Team leadership positions 2019-20 year

The leadership positions will be determined once the school year has officially begun in order to choose people who are most dedicated and equipped for a leadership position.

Team Structure 2019-20

We have decided to remove the position of President/Vice President for FIRST Robotics. Instead, we will have team leads in charge of specific activities/tasks. For example, our Mechanical Lead will be in charge of everything mechanically-based.

As the year goes on, we will add more roles for FIRST that will be in charge of other activities.