Project 3


CDAT Against the World...#worlddomination

For this project, you are challenged with entering an academic competition that reaches outside of the school or applying for an academically driven grant.

Possible options for competitions include.

  • DAR Writing Competition ("Comparing Ship Technology: The Ships Columbus Used Versus the Ships of Today") Deadline = November 30, 20184

  • Or a competition/grant of your choice pending approval of your teachers!!

    • Parameters
      • Submission deadline Must be by or before February 2019
      • Competing teams can be no larger than three people
      • All competitions/grants must have an academic focus (Science, Language Arts, history, or Tech)

First task: Create a project planning document and submit it in the google classroom. Due by 10/17.

Calendar of Deliverables: all deliverables must be submitted to project planning document as well as daily scrum

Idea/Competition: Due on Wednesday 10/17

  • Fill out the Google Form here

Background Information/Competition Research(includes at least three annotated sources): Due on Friday 10/19

Timeline for Completion of Submission (Timeline must be completed by 11/16): Due on Wednesday 10/24

Scrum Share Out and Peer Evaluation: 10/26, 10/31 and 11/2

Pitchdeck Presentations: 11/9

Final Presentations: 11/16

Additional Resources that can be Helpful:

Science Fair Resources:

How to do a science fair project

Gwinnett Science and Engineering Fair

Intel Society for Science and the Public

Google Science Fair

NASA/JPL Video Series: How to do a science fair

Poster Template

Grant Writing Resources:

How to write a gran

Grant watch

US Dept. Education