Virtual Learning Resources

Read-A-Louds by Mrs. Bates

Do you miss your favorite librarian?

She misses you! Click on the picture to find read-a-louds of some of your favorite stories by Mrs. Bates (and maybe a few special guests!).

Other Not As Cool Read-A-Louds

performed by celebrities

Calendar of Book Themed Events

Storyline Online


*Currently offering free kids audio books

Search #OperationStorytime on social media to find popular celebrities reading and hosting virutal activities

STEM and Makerspace Activities to try at home

31 Day LEGO Challenge

Build a Paper Speaker

Make you own Harmonica

Make a Cotton Ball Launcher

Build a Robot Hand

Build a Wind Powered Car

Virtual Field-Trips

Calendar of Virtual Field Trip

Includes links for daily virtual fieldtrips from

April through May

Online Videos & Activities

Daily Schedule of Content Specific Activities and

Virtual Field Trip

Digital Breakouts

Dog Man Digital Breakout

Catch the Bus

Will you make it in time?

Into the Lion's Den

Can you escape?


Click HERE to watch a Youtube tutorial from BreakoutEDU about getting started!

Other Resources

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