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What you need to know to effectively support your students during quarantine.

Getting Started With Using Zoom

Zoom Quick Reference Guide.pdf

Zoom Quick Reference Guide

Zoom Top 10.pdf

Teacher's Zoom Top 10

Zoom in Canvas.pdf

Adding A Zoom Meeting to Canvas

Best Practices for Securing Zoom.pdf

Best Practices for Securing Zoom

How to set-up Zoom with the following scenarios:

I need to teach my lesson from my laptop computer via Zoom. (With or without recording)

I need to Zoom (but not record) with students while I teach, but would like the flexibility to move the camera around the room.

I need to Zoom into my class from home because I am quarantined.

I need to Zoom and record my class while teaching away from my SMART Board or Laptop. (Ex. Using the Whiteboard)

I need to record my lesson while teaching away from my SMART Board or Laptop (but not Zoom at the same time) to post on Canvas for asychronous access.

I need to record my SMART Board lesson while teaching at the SMART Board/Panel either with or without audio.